Sita - Pededze left tributary in Alūksne, Balvi and Gulbene districts. Length 41 km, swimming pool 175.4 km2. Annual runoff 0.042 km3, drop 34 m (0.8 m / km).

Sita begins in the southern part of Alūksne district, at the southern edge of Silgulda bog, meeting ditches (~ 130m above sea level). It flows along the Adzel elevation to the SW. The Pededze flows several kilometers above the Mugurupe estuary.

The largest tributaries of the site: Surroundings (12 km), Dzirla (23 km), Dvorupe (14 km). The Riga-Vecumu railway line and the Gulbene-Balvi road cross the Sita River.

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