Niedrīte, Nidrīte - the left tributary of Liede in Madona and Gulbene districts. Length 18 km. Swimming pool 20 km2. Annual runoff 0.005 km3. The drop is 13 m (0.7 m / km). The reeds start from the ditches in the south corner of the Great Marsh (Ušuru) bog and collect water on the NW side of the Lubāna plain.

There is also agricultural land at the top of the river basin, but it mostly flows through forests. The entire length of the bearing is similar to a ditch. In the forest, the width of the river is only 3 - 4 m in some places, but at the lower end before the mouth in Liede, where the river Lubāna - Cesvaine road crosses, the width is 6 m.

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