Paparze, Paparde - the right tributary of Pededze in Alūksne and Gulbene districts. Length 27 km. Swimming pool 166 km2. Annual runoff 0.046 km3. The drop is 69 m (2.6 m / km).

Paparze flows in the northern part of Stāmeriena parish along the border with Alūksne district. The river flows out of Lake Indzers in the Alūksne highlands. It flows to the SW along the depressions between the Maliena hills and the Gulbene hills. The river between the Ote and Ludza silos turns sharply to the A and flows into the Pededze downstream of Jaunanna along the Adzele elevation. In the lower reaches, the river is a 10 m wide forest river with meadows in floodplains.

Paparze has a tributary - Rūdupe (9 km, from Kalniena lake). Below the Ote mill, the river is crossed by the Zeltiņi and Alūksne - Gulbene roads, at Jaunanna - Alūksne - Litene road.

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