Mugurupe - right tributary of Pededze in Gulbene district, Mellupe (Melnupe) and Pogupe collective. Length 2 km (together with Mellupi 23 km). The pool area is 143 km2. Annual runoff 0.034 km3. The drop is 41 m (1.8 m / km). The Mugurupe basin is located on the A slope of the Gulbene embankment and in the Lubāna plain.

Mellupi is sometimes considered to be the beginning of the river, which starts to the N of Gulbene as a ditch in drained fields, flows into the SE through forests and large land reclamation areas in the vicinity of Stāmeriena and at this stage receives a tributary to Līdumupe (8 km). There is a 6-8 m deep valley below the Gulbene - Abrene railway line Mellupe. The riverbed is regulated.

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