Krustalīce, Kristalīce (upstream Aizupe) - right tributary of Pededze in Gulbene district. Length 24 km. The pool area is 104 km2. Annual runoff 0.026 km3. The drop is 44 m (1.8 m / km).

Krustalīce begins north of Krapa, flows along the eastern slope of the Gulbene embankment and the lowlands of Eastern Latvia. In the forest massif west of Gulbene, a semicircle is formed, changing the direction to the south-east. Go to Pededze near Ostrava; downstream large forests. In the lower reaches of the 12 km long section, the river is regulated, transformed into a ditch.

Largest tributaries: Āriņupīte (11 km), Vienvārste stream (9 km); Asarupe (13 km). The tributary of Lake Valme flows into the town of Gulbene. The river has a Gulbene mill lake (area 2.4 ha).

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