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Liede (upstream Liedīte) right tributary of Aiviekste in Gulbene and Madona districts. Length 60 km.

The pool area is 358 km2. Annual runoff 0.106 km3. The drop is 47 m (0.8 m / km).

Liede begins as a ditch 2 km south of Krapa. It flows through Lake Siladzirnavu (Liedes) and along the SE slope of the Gulbene embankment parallel to Liedeskalni. The fall of the river in the first 8 km is 2 - 3 m / km, in the rest of the river flow on average 0.5 m / km, very little downstream. From Jaungulbene (2 km to the west of A) to Dzelzava the river flows in a SW direction, then turns to the SE and flows along the Lubāna plain. Down the Madona - Gulbene road in the 48 km long section Liede is regulated. Before entering the Aiviekste near Lubāna, the river makes a 12 km long circle to the NE and back. In the lower reaches of the basin there are wide forest massifs, only a strip of meadows along the river itself, in some places fields.

Oak groups have been preserved in Liedes meadows. The largest tributaries: Olene (6 km), Kapupīte (6 km), Ušurupe (12 km), Nidrīte (18 km), Mandauga (17 km).

The Dzelzava-Lubāna road runs downstream along the Liede and crosses it twice.

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