The Gauja is the longest river in the territory of Latvia. Length 452 km. The area of the basin is 8.9 thousand km2. Annual runoff 2.2 km3. The drop is 234.5 m (0.5 m / km).

The Gauja begins in the Vidzeme Highlands in the Cēsis district and flows into the Gulf of Riga north of Riga. In Gulbene district, the Gauja flows through Lejasciems, Lizuma and Ranka parishes. Lejasciems is located on the bank of the Gauja. The Gauja forms rapids in a 6 km long section from the "Rapids" (below the sod) to Sinole. The relative fall of the river is 1.6 m / km. In the lower part of this section there is a 1 km long Sinole mill installation (area 2 ha, width 60 - 100 m). Dolomite studs on the riverbed above it. The riverbed is very variable, with many ridges and bends. Upstream, the Gauja meanders around large hills, its valley is not pronounced. Below Rēveļi it flows along the Trapene plain in the north-east direction to Lejasciems and in the north-west direction to the Estonian border. 30% of the basin is covered by forests, 5% - swamps.

The beautiful banks of the Gauja, with their many historical, cultural and natural monuments, attract tourists, especially water tourists.

Tributaries of the Gauja in Gulbene district: Tirza, Saliņupīte, Pīļupīte, Uriekste, Palsa, Egļupīte, Pāpanupīte, Lazdupīte.

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