Audīle - the right tributary of Pededze in Gulbene district. Length 18 km. The area of the basin is 75.2 km2. Annual runoff 0.020 km3. The drop is 21 m (1.17 m / km).

The source of the Audīle is in the lowlands of Eastern Latvia, in the western part of the Adzele Upland, in the northern part of the Great Bog, where several ditches meet. At the beginning the river is winding, the drop is 1.3 m / km; when the river flows into the Lubāna plain, the drop decreases to 0.6 m / km. In the plain, Audīle flows through swampy forests and meadows. Downstream regulated and straightened. In the river floodplain, mainly forest reclamation was carried out.

Largest tributaries: Knerša (10 km), Grūžupīte (6 km).

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