Youth park

Its area is 1.17 ha between Rīgas, Līko and Gaitnieku streets, but together with the area of the whole old park from Rīga to O.Kalpaka Street - more than 2 ha.

This is one of the first squares in the city. The project was developed in 1951 by the Riga Greenery Trust. The square is lower than the basic level of the surrounding streets and buildings. In 1965, a children's playground was established in the square, today it no longer exists.

Flower plantations are arranged in the square, 9 introduced tree species grow.

Balm in the white fir square - 15 specimens 6 to 12 meters high. 39 well-acclimatized maple trees are planted along the edge of Līkās Street, the earliest nectar plant in spring.

Japanese quinces in the square used in the low hedge, they bloom, produce fruit. There are also 2 pyramidal trees of life, Golden Currants, ivy phycarps, medium spirits, common lilacs, jasmine, bright-leaved cliffs.

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