Vecgulbene manor parks

In the 17th century, the current Gulbene was replaced by the Vecgulbene manor with a small garden, which was remodeled and expanded after 1789. The Red and White Castles were built here. A park of 500 ha has been created around both of these castles. To this day, some parts of the park have survived, with a total area of about 179 ha. These are: Castle Park, Rūdolfs (Hospitals), Spārīte and Emze Park.

The castle park is located between Parka and Brīvības streets. The part of the park around the old castle dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, later it was expanded.

There were gates made of red bricks in the corners of the castle park.

The castle park is designed in landscape style. There are 3 artificially dug ponds and several raised hills - embankments. Various statues have been placed here.

The castle park is characterized by the vastness of the landscape with a view from the castle courtyard to a lower place in terms of relief.

9 alien - introduced tree species in the park. Three of these tree species are in the Castle Park - European cedar pines, black pine, bluish douglase. The park also grows Siberian white larch, European larch, western trees of life, European saddle, willow spirits and red grimaces.

The castle park was connected to Rūdolfs park by a wooden air bridge, which was built over the highway and the Krustalīce river.

Rūdolfs (Hospital) Park occupies the territory between Parka, Brīvības and Upes streets. Krustalīce flows through the park. The park is very old, the trees are a hundred years old. Their height exceeds 30 meters. Part of the park is dark, wet.

Compared to other city parks, the hospital park is unique. It is mostly planted with local tree species and only foreign trees are located along the edges of the park: European larch, willow-spirited spirits, red grimaces, etc.

There are several bridges in the park across the Krustalīce River.

Behind Gulbene Secondary School, the part of Marija Park, now called Spārīte Park, started just northeast. Further to the station is Emze Park. Both parks are a tribute of Baron Heinrich von Wolf to his wife. Three ponds have been dug in them, one of which, located in Emze Park, is in the form of the letter "M". The other behind the high school is Svētezers. It is a baron's gift to his wife Marisa on her birthday.

There is a larger island in the middle of the lake and six smaller ones around it. Different trees have been planted on each island, and various sculptures and stones have been created, engraved with the letter from Marisa's name. The sculptures have not been preserved, but on some islands there are still stones with carved letters.

The third - Lake "Tears" is located just behind the school, It was excavated after the early death of the baron's wife Marisa. In the middle of the lake is an islet in the form of tears.

All the manor parks had different sculptural formations: animals, images of gods and cupid.

Today, the parks are heavily swamped and overgrown because they are not cared for properly.

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