Stāmeriena manor park

The park is located in Stāmeriena Parish, Gulbene District, 13 km northeast of Gulbene. Stāmeriena Castle is located in the park.

The area of the park is 24.3 ha, including 2 lakes. The relief is slightly wavy. In front of the castle there is a regular planning parade yard, behind the castle there is a free planning park with distant, behind-the-scenes perspectives across the lake.

Local and exotic tree and shrub species are planted in the park. Of the native species, a lot of black alder, ash, spruce, aspen, oak, linden, as well as hazel, saddle, common honeysuckle, partridge. The most important exotic species - European larch, balsam and Siberian white larch, Douglas fir, etc.

This park is one of the most beautiful parks and is one of the best examples of a fan-shaped composition in Latvia. The view perspective of this park is mutual, ie from the place where the view perspective ends, the view opens back to its starting point, it is almost always the castle, but the most beautiful views open from the castle towards the lake.

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