Ranka manor park

The park is located in Ganka, Gulbene district, 49 km west of Gulbene, 10 km from Jaunpiebalga. The Ranka Agricultural School is located in the park.

The area of the park is 6 ha, of which the waters (2 ponds) are 1.2 ha. The terrain is sloping to the west. The park is designed as free-plan arrays and glades. Picturesque views open from the path around a small pond in the middle of the park. Lots of new plantings in the park.

Local and exotic tree and shrub species are planted in the park. Of the native species, many maples and oaks, including hazel, aspen, mountain ash, linden and elm. Lots of exotic species.

The plantations are being cared for, a suitable path system has been created.

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