Litene manor park

Located in Gulbene district, Litene parish, 18 km east of Gulbene, by Vilaka road. Litene Primary School is located in the park.

Park area - 15.36 ha, waters - Pededze river. The relief is flat in front of the school, behind the school Pededze ravine, further a shallow river bay with groups of exotic trees. Parade courtyard between the school building and the highway with large groups of trees and a regular planning center. Behind the school building is the shore of Pededze with several rows of trees. Across Pededze, a bridge to the bay, where there is a stage and a sports field.

Local and exotic tree and shrub species are planted in the park. Indigenous species - maples, ash, spruce, pine, oak, mountain ash, linden, elm.

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