Kalniena manor park

The park is located in Gulbene district, Stāmeriena parish, 19 km northeast of Gulbene, by Alūksne road. There is Kalniena Primary School in the park.

The area of the park is 10.7 ha, including a pond of 0.7 ha. Terrain - flat hill. The park is located on a flat slope east of the school. In the center there is an irregular meadow, further a pond of complex configuration, which includes decorative groups of conifers. In the southern part of the park there are 2 terraces with a stone platform, stairs and rows of trees.

Local and exotic tree and shrub species are planted in the park. Of the native species there are many hazelnuts and oaks, as well as maple, black alder, ash, spruce, aspen, linden, elm, European saddle, common honeysuckle, mountain ash.

Ponds in the park have been cleared, low-value shrubs have been cut down. The park is one of the best maintained parks in Gulbene district.

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