Jaungulbene manor park

Located in Gulbene district, Jaungulbene parish, 17 km southwest of Gulbene, by Pļaviņas road. There is an agricultural school in the park.

It is a romantic style landscape park, where the landscape perspectives are subjected to a single composition center - the gray granite castle building and exit the center in a fan-like way on all sides.

The area of the park is 25.2 ha, of which 7 ponds are 5.5 ha. Terrain - flat hill. In front of the central building there is a spacious, symmetrical courtyard with a linden alley in the middle and 2 ponds. On the south side a high terrace, behind it a pond. Next is a free-plan park with ornamental plantings.

Local and exotic species of trees and shrubs are planted in the park. Of the native species, a lot of spruce, oak and linden, black alder, birch, hazel, ash, common honeysuckle, pine, mountain ash also grow. Lots of exotic species.

The park is being maintained. Tracks created, grass cut. Visiting the park gives a pleasant rest.

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