Center Square

Its area is 0.8 ha. Located opposite the House of Culture and the District Council between Ozolu, Ābeļu and O.Kalpaka streets. The square was created on the site of the old market square, which was demolished in 1961. In 1962, the installation of the square began, the old foundation of the market square was eroded, and the soil was laid. Plantations started in 1963.

The solution of the square composition is successful, thoughtfully arranged paths, lawns and benches for relaxation.

The basic elements of modern squares have been skillfully used: lawns with group plantations of trees and shrubs. According to the room also left trees and shrubs from the old market square, for example. Siberian white larch, Hungarian lilac, red elderberry, spiny currant, barberry, mountain maple and others. Large but tasteful variety in the square: a fountain with willow willow. The square is bordered by a low linden hedge.

The most interesting of the 20 introduced plant species in the square are white robinia, popularly known as 3 acacia and 3 lilac shrubs. Northern oaks are planted in the area of Ābeļu Street.

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