Belava manor park

Located in Gulbene district, Beļava parish, 10 km north of Gulbene, by the Līze post office road. There is Kr. Valdemārs Primary School in the park.

Park area - 6.1 ha, 2 ponds. Long alleys lead to the park. The original layout of the park has been modified according to the needs of the school. On the east side, a deep ravine with a flooded pond.

Local and exotic tree and shrub species are planted in the park. Lots of oaks in alley plantations; The park also grows maple, ash, spruce, aspen, mountain ash, linden, elm, hazel, birch, etc. Lots of exotic species.

The immediate vicinity of the school is well maintained. New plantings, lots of flowers. It is also necessary to clean the rest of the park territory, install paths, cut low-value shrubs.

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