Rožkalnu Witch stone

Archaeological monument of national significance.

Rožkalni Ragana stone is an ancient cult place located in Dauksti parish, about 200 m west of the former "Rožkalni" house, on the edge of a meadow opposite the Karpas castle mound, about 300 m from the road Krapa - Galgauska on the right side.

The circumference of the stone at the ground is 10.5 m, height - 1.6 m. It is also called the Mara stone. Name - The witch's stone was probably created in the Middle Ages during the "witch hunt", because ancient magical rituals and sacrifices have long been performed on the stone. In the 19th century, this custom was still largely practiced that even Pastor G. Schilling ordered the Witch's Stone to be destroyed, thus wanting people to go to church more. But the people were afraid to destroy it and tore another stone, but the real one remained intact.

Legend has it that in the past, people were very afraid to walk along this stone at night because of haunting there.

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