Pededze oaks

Pededze oak stand - botanical reserve.

Located in Stradu parish, Gulbene district, on the bank of Pededze. In national defense since 1977. Area 22.2 ha. The forest stands are dominated by oaks, the mixture is maple, ash and linden. Thick shrub layer - ivy, honeysuckle and mountain ash. The closed floor of trees and shrubs shades the herbaceous plants, so their cover is small, the soil is exposed in some places. The most common herbaceous plants are common ryegrass, meadow grass, snake, multi-flowered dorsal fin, drooping bud, common fern. The soil is clayey, the top layer is rich in humus.

The middle and white-backed woodpecker, the gray woodpecker, the black owl, the black stork and the middle eagle nest in the reserve.

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