The Great Lake Virāne

The large Virāne Lake is located on the southwestern edge of the Gulbene embankment in Tirza Parish. It is about 121 m above sea level. Area 60.9 ha, length 1.5 km, maximum width 0.45 km, maximum depth 2m (SE part).

In the Madona district there is the Small Lake Virāne. The total area of both lakes is 1.08 square kilometers, the total area of the basin is 25 square kilometers. They are located in a common low depression at the end of each other. A swampy forest massif is surrounded by ameliorator ditches, from which the lakes receive the ditches and drain the waters to Tirza via Virāni. The two lakes are connected by a 0.5 km long gorge. Both lakes are surrounded by a wide strip of reeds. The lakes are ultra-eutrophic, old lakes (the layer of sapropel in the Great Lake Virāne is ~ 5 m thick). To the south and east of the lakes - roads from Cesvaine to Tirza and Druviena.

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