Sudalezers, Sudals.

The lake is located on the edge of the Trapene plain, 106 m above sea level, on the border of Zeltiņi parish of Alūksne district and Lejasciems parish of Gulbene district. Area 1.82 ha. Length 4.7 km (SE - SW). Maximum width 0.8 km. The average depth is 3.6 m, the maximum depth is 10.2 m. The basin area is 99.2 square kilometers (in the Gauja large basin).

A long, curved lake, the A end of which is divided into 2 bays. The lake basin is flat, muddy in part A. The shores are flat, mostly sandy. Olekšupīte flows from Pinteļa to the southeast, Z - Ķiploka river from Ķiploka lake. DR flows from Sudalina to Tirza. Eutrophic lake, small overgrowth. Lots of fish. On the south side there are fields and on the north side there are fields, elsewhere there is a forest. The R part is confirmed by the Lejasciems - Alūksne road.

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