Lazdags, Lazdaga ezers, Lazdogas ezers are located in the Lubāna plain, 99.1 m above sea level, on the border of Gulbene district Stradu parish and Balvi district Rugāji parish. Area 1.48 square kilometers, length 1.5 km, maximum width 1.4 km, average depth 1.4 m, maximum depth 2 m. The basin area is 8.5 square kilometers (in the Daugava basin).

Round lake basin in a swampy forest, a low (grass) swamp strip along the shores. The bottom is flat, with a thick layer of sludge and wide overgrowth. Ditches flow into the lake, regulated runoff along the canal to Balupe. Lake Eutrophic. Lives bream, roach, perch, crucian carp, pike, tench. The lake is industrially fished. To the south of the lake Gulbene - Rēzekne road.

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