Kalnis, Lake Kalnis.

The lake is located on the edge of the Lubāna plain, 102.7 m above sea level, on the border of Stradu parish of Gulbene district and Rugāji parish of Balvi district. Area 1.2 ha. Length 1.4 km, maximum width 1.2 km. Average depth 1.8 m, maximum depth 4.9 m. The basin area is 4.8 square kilometers (in the Daugava large basin). Ieapa | the thousand.

Part A of the lake is shallow, the R edge is deeper, the bottom is sandy, elsewhere muddy. The shores are mostly low, peaty. The lake receives drainage ditches. A runoff along Kalnīte to Balupe. All around forests. Eutrophic, moderately overgrown lake. There are roaches, perch, crucian carp, tench, pike. The mountain is being fished.

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