Lake Stāmeriena

Lake Stāmeriena, Lake Stāmeriene, Lake Stāmeriena. The lake is located on the edge of the Gulbene embankment, 117.1 m above sea level, Gulbene district. In Stāmeriena parish.

Area 92 ha, length 1.5 km (DZ), maximum width 0.8 km. The average depth is 6.5 m and the maximum depth is 18.7 m (in part D). The basin area is 37.4 square kilometers (in the Daugava large basin).

The surroundings are hilly, mostly agricultural land. Oval lake basin. The shores are sloping. The bottom is sandy or muddy. Water volume - more than 6 million cubic meters. Several ditches flow through Pogupe. Lake Eutrophic; overgrowth ~ 15% (mostly on the north and east coast). It is home to ordinary lake fish; eels and carp released.

On the NE shore of the lake there is a recreation base "Lāčauss". To the north of the lake there is a settlement Stāmeriena, to the south - Stāmeriena castle with a park in Vecstāmeriena.

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