Lake Sprīvuļi

Lake Sprīvuļi, Lake Putriņi is located in the Alūksne plateau in the Gulbene hill valley, 128, 4 m above sea level, in the Gulbene district Beļava parish, on the border of the Alūksne district. Area 52.3 ha (according to other data - 41 ha and less). Length 1.22 km (W - A), maximum width 0.47 km. Average depth 3, 3 m, maximum depth 6m. The basin area is 4.35 square kilometers (in the Gauja large basin).

The lake is formed in an area of undulating relief in the highest part of the Gulbene embankment. Oval, flat lake basin with flat, sandy shores, only the NE shores are low, peaty. The lake has 3 tributaries, the drain at the western end to Sudalezers. Mesotrophic lake, overgrowth 3%. Lives pike, perch, roach, bream, as well as crayfish. There are roads near the lake to the north, west and south.

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