Lake Ludza

Lake Ludza is located in the northern part of the Gulbene rampart, 124.5 m above sea level, in Stāmeriena parish, north of the Gulbene - Alūksne road.

The area of the lake is 2.81 square kilometers, together with the islands 2.86 square kilometers. Length 2.9 km (SE-NW). maximum width 1.3 km. Average depth 4.0 m, maximum depth 11.0 m (in the Z part). The basin area is 30.8 square kilometers (in the Daugava large basin).

Oval lake basin. Shores flat or low (low bog, peat meadows). 2 wooded islands (total area 4.9 ha). Streams and drainage ditches flow. The waters of Lake Amard flow into the lake. In the south-east, Pogupe flows into Lake Stāmeriena (in the Pededze basin). Eutrophic, moderately overgrown lake. There are roaches, bream, pike, perch, pike-perch, eel, carp, tench. The lake is being fished.

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