Button Lake

Lake Poga is located at the transition of Gulbene hill to Adzele elevation, 113.5 m above sea level, Gulbene district. In Stāmeriena parish, 2 km south of Stāmeriena. Area 27.9 ha, length 0.8 km, maximum width 0.4 km, average depth 5.5 m, maximum depth 14.2 m. The pool area is 39 square kilometers.

The lake is the lowest (south of Ludza and Stāmeriena lakes) and the smallest of the lakes through which the Mugurupe tributary Pogupe flows (in the Daugava basin).

Oval lake basin. Shores sloping, bottom flat, with a thick layer of mud. Eutrophic, sparsely overgrown lake.

There is a fishing base by the lake. Around the lake - roads (on the south side Gulbene - Balvi road).

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