County collections


  • Story help

    Story help

    Memories of Gulbene region's memories about childhood - a story about their name, school life, living conditions, everyday life, games, games and unemployment.

  • My Community 2020

    My Community 2020

    Getting acquainted with the cultural history of the region, 16 video short films about the places, personalities, history and cultural activities of Gulbene region have been developed within the project.

  • Country music

    Country music

    In order to create a collection of local music recordings, the project “Gulbene County Music Recordings - a Part of Cultural and Historical Heritage” was developed and implemented. In the collection you can get acquainted with the contribution of locals in the field of choir and popular music.

  • Gulbene region in photographs (1949-1989)

    Gulbene region in photographs (1949-1989)

    Within the framework of the project “Stories of Photographs and Memories”, the community has collected photographs of the public and cultural life, education and economy of Gulbene region in the period from 1949 to 1989.