Gulbene 35 years ago

Views of Gulbene city in the 80's of the 20th century - streets, buildings, events.

B altai castle (Vecgulbene manor complex)



White Castle (Vecgulbene manor complex)

Gulbene - Aluksne train (1984)

Intersection of Blaumaņa and Lazdu streets

Intersection of Blaumaņa and Rīgas streets

Gulbene city central square


Gulbene city central square


Gulbene Secondary School (now Gulbene County State Gymnasium)


Gulbene Secondary School


Gulbene railway station


New building on Skolas Street


Crusade at Gulbene Lutheran Church


Vecgulbene manor forester's house in Ozolu street


Ozolu Street


K apheeter "Pienenīte" in Rīgas Street (1988)


Intersection of Rīgas and Ābeļu streets


P Agalmo celebration at the Gulbene Library (1987)


Flower exhibition in Gulbene central square during the Yard Festival (1988)


October procession procession on Rīgas Street