A trip with poets in Gulbene. The future.

On September 11, 2020, for the third time, the Gulbene Regional Library invited to a "Journey with Poets in Gulbene" as part of the Poetry Days.

Traveled poets: Inese Tirzīte, Liepa Rūce, Jeid Will, Ligija Purinaša, Daina Sirmā, Marts Pujāts and Māris Salējs.

The idea for such a Poetry Days event 17 years ago came to the poet Erika Bērziņa. "The idea of the Journey with Poets project is quite simple - poets, taken off their glass hill, go for a walk with poetry lovers [...] and read poetry at specific points marked on the map. It is a common poetic adventure. ” E.Bērziņa says about the trip. A trip with poets also took place in the vicinity of Zasulauk in Riga.

This year in Gulbene the trip led along the "Future" trails. The future is an array of residential buildings in Gulbene, built in the 1980s and a more densely populated area in the city, where you will find shops, a kindergarten and a large area of the former airfield with historic Soviet Army locator hills, small garden and stadium. This unique, old Future is a striking backdrop to the new Future we are experiencing today, namely the relocation of many traditional activities to a virtual environment and the transmission of a presence through technology. By mixing the boundaries between times with poetry, we add ancient poets - locals to the virtual map of this Journey.

The event is organized by Gulbene County Library,
supported by the SCCF

Virtual tour:

1. Chimney. Time 16:15

Everyone is pleased with the massive construction of Nākotnes Street. The new buildings create unique, new features in the city panorama… There is now only one liquor store in the city, namely Nākotnes Street. Dzirkstele, No.107 (07.09.1985)

Point 2.13 of the draft decision. intends to prepare by 1991 the technical documentation of the project for the reconstruction of the city's central boiler house in the residential quarter of Nākotnes Street.


Give light!
You give light, if these eyes remain blind,
You are leading the way from the wrong ways:
Love, love without end
To all desperate and sad!

Pretty tears, pretty martyrs fallen
Difficult death in sorrow and suffering:
You give a stream that washes and cleanses the earth,
It has been burning for a long time.

You give the sun, or these hearts perish
As the sprouts in the slits and cellars:
The number of unjust victims will cry in the gloomy cemetery
Weeds evil in the fields of the future.

You give light, or these eyes will remain blind,
You are on your way out of the way:
Love, love without end
To all desperate and sad!

Inese Tirzite


2. Yards . Time 16:30

As the new residential area on Nākotnes Street has started to be built on a complete plain, it places great demands on the builders of this quarter. In order to create it interesting, more attention needs to be paid to the architectural solution of the buildings, where in addition to the 476 series large-panel buildings, monotonous buildings do not occur (all buildings are the same, rectangular home. Dzirkstele, No.134 (11.11.1984)

Biruta of Zemgale

I'm a marsh nightingale,
What a sweet series to sing!
Like a misfire,
What is flashing blue -
Wander the traveler - then go!

I am a marsh nightingale!
And as soon as the sun goes down
In the golden clouds -
Then silvery
A song is born in my chest.

I'm a marsh nightingale -
No stars are shy;
I have roses in bloom -
With a golden race -
But I'm not saying more!

I'm a marsh nightingale,
What a sweet-series sings!
When the flowering
Golden hair withers -
No pity - to go - to go!

July Rūce


3. Intersection. Time 16:50

In 1989, the LTF's proposal to the Executive Committee to rename Nākotnes Street to Z.Mauriņas Street was not taken into account.

Zenta Mauriņa

The Latvian countryside and small gray houses are already running towards them. I greet her in spirit. From these houses, in the darkness and cold, young people came down the muddy road to climb the hill of perfection with Danti, to listen in silence with Skalbe, and then they went back again in the dark night, they didn't need wind turbines, they knew their way. / Cities and People, (1953) /

Poruku Jānis

Vigilant era

Vigilant era,
The wise of the future
Well, he is making a name for himself.
And the incomprehensible
conservatives in their caves, the stones in front of them are washed.
Where will the nation stay?
From the children's car
the giant rises his head
and will give him a prize,
what she is now grazing.
And I will look with mockery,
Maybe praise and say soon!
Time for the present will lie,
And the people will worship God once!

Jade Will


4. Garages. Time 17:05

Biruta of Zemgale

Freedom Fighter
I pull the roses out of the wavy hair
And fights for joyful flashes
I catch a spear - around my hips!
Go to battle, go to battle for victory brilliant!
The blood of the dead brothers is still smoking.
Wounds still hurt
And curse to heaven! ...
Well time - that despot copper is crumbling!

Just don't get tired!
Just don't get tired -
Let the storm snort,
Let the fire fall from heaven,
Let the night with black wings teach
How to get us:
Behind the night and the horrors of the pink sun!
Just don't get tired! ...

Ligija Purinaša


5. Gardens. Time 17:20

July Godfather

Come here, beautiful child of nature,
Squats on my chest -
Or in vain in the cold of life
Let the tweets of love!

We will dream of a flower
For gorgeous flower beds,
For conciseness, sincerity,
What I haven't seen before.


Daina Sirmā


6. Locator roller. Time 17:35

The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service reports that the relocation of the locator outside the residential area must be speeded up so that electromagnetic radiation does not endanger the health of the population. Dzirkstele, No.24 (01.03.1990)

July Godfather


How hard it is for those who feel soft to live!
They enjoy such a difficult day in their lives,
Because you see how unattainable it is,
How many people from humanity goals far away…
And their countenance was darkened, and they were pale;
They see peace so far away in destruction,
But some, overwhelmed with endless pain,
Start drowning in beer, cooling off from ideal thirst;
They finally resembled pale images of torment,
But people call them lost sons.

March Pujat


7. Stadium. Time 17:55 Free microphone

At the time when Gulbeni was also hit by the Red Terror, this place is associated with harsh events, because there was a popular barn called Vaidu in the territory of the stadium. Many Latvians were tortured and killed during the Bolsheviks. In 1943, the barn burned down.

In 1965, the construction of the stadium was started, the stadium was given the name "Vārpa". And competitions are already taking place in the 70's. In the 80's, the district's dance festival shows took place.

Photo from the collection of Gulbene district library


Peace instead of punishment, so old linden
Strongly bend your branches in the wind
And as witnesses of bitter torment
The hustle and bustle of the sky is far away.

Gravel walkway up in circles,
As if the thought of the lights fading
Opposite the white porches of the castle
The horrors of the old linden trees are fading.

Like from the deep groans of the heart
There is a forest on his side -
Appears in the corner of the forest, in the window of the hut,
Mother's face, painful and foreign.

Under the stars
Trees below the starry distance
Dus in your night's sleep
And the pale night glow of tin
As a sheet dreamy.

What a silence - and yet, like kokles,
It sounds from the shining sky
And the heart feels like watches
Their chest rings like echoes.

Maris Salējs