Bathhouse workshop

The Bathhouse Workshop operates in the house “Ārņu” of Dauksti parish, Gulbene region. "Ārņu" House is managed by Līga Ende-Griķe and Aivars Griķis. There is a small museum with bathrooms, craftsmen's tools, as well as home-made products that can be purchased. The sauna workshop also offers a sauna procedure, there are two saunas, one is a sauna type, and the other, a forgotten smoke sauna.

The sauna procedure includes: heating, foot soaking in herbal baths, massage with a scrub, spanking with several herbal brooms, swimming in a pond or warming in a warm tub, lubrication with honey.

The sauna workshop prepares various sauna-related items: sauna bowls, loafers, linen hats, sauna brooms, as well as mobile saunas, and the construction of a sauna and saunas is being carried out.
In 2014, the Sauna Workshop was awarded the “Latvian Heritage” cultural mark.

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