Furnace tile factory "Samiņi"

There is (probably the only in the whole Baltic region) a kiln tile factory in Stradu parish of Gulbene region.

Facts from history:
- In August 1951, "Samiņi" works under the Gulbene District Factory.
- In 1954, a wooden barn, which produces bricks, burns down, in 1959 a new brick drying barn and other wooden buildings were built.
- In 1963, due to the reorganization of the Factory, Samins was taken over by Latvian Ceramics. However, due to insufficient funds, it is transferred to the then Kirov collective farm.
- In 1964, a new workshop was built in Samiņi, so there are two wood-burning stoves in the factory.
- Between 1971 and 1972, construction began again on a new part of the workshop where the electric glazed tile kiln is located.
- From 1989 to 1991, the production plant was managed by the cooperative "Mājība".
- 20th century In the 90's, the individual company "Samiņos" made 100 kiln pots on a daily basis, and processed about 80 cubic meters of gray clay during the year. Glazed and unglazed oven pots, decorative fireplace pots, flower pots, as well as various custom-made items, such as decorative candlesticks and wall plates, anniversary medals, mugs.

Even now, in Samiņi, the production of kiln tiles from clay in the ground continues, combining elementary mechanization with handwork.

Website of the factory "Samiņi": http://krasnspodini.lv/

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