Stāmeriena parish

Parish: Stāmeriena Parish (former names: German - Stomersee, Russian - Stomerskaya)
Population: 1125
Area: 13,381.4 ha

General information: The NW part of Stāmeriena parish is located in the Gulbene hill valley of the Alūksne plateau, which in the SE part passes through the Adzele upland of the Eastern Latvian lowlands. Largest settlements: Stāmeriena, Vecstāmeriena, Kalniena. The parish is located 15 km from the county center Gulbene, 200 km - from Riga. There are 4 lakes in the parish: Ludza (279 ha), Stāmeriena (97.85 ha), Poga (28.36 ha), Ģērmaņa (15.66 ha). The Gulbene-Alūksne narrow-gauge railway line runs through the territory of the parish.

Entrepreneurship: Agriculture: organic farming (zs Priednieki), dairy farming, grain farming (zs Salukalns), horse breeding (zs Pilssētas), raspberry growing, grain growing (zs Puukukalni), agricultural services (zs Kraujas; zs Siliņi), blackcurrant growing (zs Ezerkrasti ), dairy farming, home production - bread, dairy products (hp Birzupes -2), dairy farming, sheep farming (HP Medium), logging (SIA Ikteri);
Woodworking - SIA Vecsalenieki, SIA Vidzemes pīķi;
Construction - SIA ZDZ; car crew - SIA Hārdeks, SIA Auto Stils;
Trade - 2 grocery stores, 2 cafes, industrial goods store.

Education: Stāmeriena Primary School, which has 105 students and 16 teachers in the 2012/2013 school year.


Culture: 2 folk houses - Stāmeriena and Kalniena, where there are amateur groups: youth dance group "Poga", amateur theater "Game", women's vocal ensemble, vocal instrumental ensemble "RPM", line dance groups, children's dance groups, handicraft group.
There are 2 libraries in the parish - Stāmeriena and Kalniena.
Organizers of sports work are active.

Health: there is a doctorate in the parish; cosmetologist services are provided by SIA Elegna 21.

Religion: The Orthodox Church is established at St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church.

Cultural and natural monuments: cultural monuments of national significance - Stāmeriena manor complex, Kalnamuiža building, Sv. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church, Gulbene-Aluksne Narrow Gauge Railway, Smoņi Ancient Cemetery.
Protected nature objects - Kalniena Landscape Park and Stāmeriena Manor Park.

Notable personalities: writers: Zemgaliešu Biruta (real name KAGrencione), J.Kārstenis (real name J. Šmits), D. Ilva, E.Liedskalniņš - sculptor, V.Mednis - painter, L. Āboliņš - biologist, Ē.Ezerietis - surgeon, A. Gāters - linguist, doctor, V. Greble - folklorist.


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