Lizuma parish

Parish: Lizuma parish
Population - 1468
Area - 108 km 2

General information: Lizuma parish borders with Lejasciems, Tirza, Druviena and Ranka parishes in Gulbene district. Gauja meanders through the parish, receiving Urieksti with Radzupīte and Saliņupīte. About 50% of the parish territory is covered by forests.

Entrepreneurship: Today in Lizuma successfully operates: SIA "Avoti SWF" (wood processing, furniture production), SIA "RAIRU" (forestry), SIA "Brīvzemnieki", farms "Augstkalni" and "Velēna" (all engaged in animal husbandry), SIA " Dimdiņi ”(production and processing of vegetables, production of sweets), iu“ AP ”(production of non-standard furniture), SIA“ AVR Velēna ”(car service), SIA“ K-Kalēji ”, SIA“ ARO AO ”(retail). Several farmers are engaged in organic farming. In the spring of 2008, the pharmaceutical company "Farmeko" opened a sanitary ware factory in Lizum.

Education: The first school in the territory of Lizuma parish was opened in 1680. Currently, 152 (as of 01.09.2012) students are studying at Lizuma Secondary School. Since 1937, the school has been located in the castle of Lizuma manor and together with the former manor houses form the current center of the parish. There is a 7-hectare park with a cascade of ponds around the castle.

Culture: There is a culture house and library in the parish (located on the second floor of the administrative building), a gym. Golf lovers gather at the meadow golf course "Siltie".

Health: There is a pharmacy in the parish and patients are admitted to the practice of B.Mezīte's family doctor, dentist Dace Dūrīte.

Religion : The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Velena is run by Liene Valgi and the Roman Catholic Church of Lizum (Velen).

Cultural and natural monuments: Archaeological monuments of national significance in Lizuma parish: Uriekste castle mound, Brīvzemnieki ancient burial ground. Architectural monuments of national significance: Velena Lutheran Church (1898), Lizuma manor house (1960s) and stable (1876). The sculpture of the devil Gosupe (created by V.Zvaigznītis) is also an art monument. A memorial room was established in 1976 in the hometown of Jēkabs in Apsīši, "Kalanģi" was built in 1976; Monuments have been erected in the Sila cemetery and near the former Lizuma railway station to commemorate the victims of the repression of the communist regime. The High Mountains Nature Park has gained the consent of orienteers, runners and walkers, as well as mushrooms and berries. There are 18 big trees in the territory of Lizuma parish.

Notable personalities: Related to Lizuma parish: writers, journalists - Riemelis Jānis, Apsīšu Jēkabs, K.Tarzieris, J.Kārstenis, V.Jākobsons, A.Roga, V.Zvaigznītis, E.Rauhvargers, artists - M.Klēbaha, K. Sebris, V.Galvins, J.Brekte. The daughter of the painter Jānis Brekte Ilona and his grandchildren Patricija and Kristians continue the traditions of the family of artists already in the third generation. Exhibition rooms have been arranged in the family house "Saulieši".

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