Litene parish

Parish: Litene Parish
Population: 1119
Area - 127.35 km2

General information: Litene parish is located in the north-eastern part of Gulbene region. Distance to the nearest town Gulbene - 18 km, to Riga - 204 km. The territory is flat without particularly pronounced relief elevations. 54.2% of the territory is covered by forests, agricultural land - 33.9%. In the territory of the parish there is Salenieki bog - in the area of 221 ha. The river Pededze (159 km long) is a popular recreation place for water tourists, the largest tributaries: Sita, Guldupe, Kaugurupe, Mugurupe, Around. The river feeds the Aiviekste basin. There are 2 lakes in the territory of the parish - Lake Kalna (119.5 ha) and Lake Kaugura (23.9 ha). The biological diversity of the territory of Litene Parish is related to the specially protected nature territories of national significance and local significance. There is a fenced deer and fallow deer garden (110 ha) in the property "Buciņi". Z / s "Sopuļi", in cooperation with the Dutch Nature Foundation and the Latvian Nature Foundation, has created a paddock for wild horses and Highlander cows.

Entrepreneurship: Currently in the territory of the parish there is SIA "Aptieka Litenē", social care center with 314 inhabitants, 1 private shop, shop "Maks", cooperative societies "Klēts" and "Litenes klēts", which is engaged in agricultural production, post office, ambulance , car service "Dzeduks". There are actually about 20 farms. In February 2008, the regional Maliena municipal waste landfill will start operating in Litene Parish.

Education: Since 1924, there has been a school in the manor house of Litene manor. From 1944 to 1961, there was a secondary school in Litene. Litene Primary School 2007/2008. There are 90 students and 14 teachers. The principal from July 1, 2000 - S. Locāne, before that - the long-term director of Litene Primary School was J. Zvaigzne. There is also a pre-school educational institution with 35 children in the territory of the parish (headed by E.Trupavniece).

Culture: Litene Parish Folk House was established in the 1920s in the former manor barn. Works without interruption to this day. In the parish from the 80s of the last century to the present day there are lasting traditions of singing, playing theater. The head of the People's House is M. Leimane. Litene parish open-air stage "Parkalīcis" with 1000 seats seats resumed its work on May 30, 2008 after complete reconstruction. Great place on the bank of the Pededze River for various celebrations and entertainment events. There is a rest area next to the stage for spending the night with tents. Since 1923, the library of Litene Parish has existed (headed by D. Dzērve). Litenes b-ka is the only free publicly available place for obtaining electronic information in the parish. Offer of library services: publishing of books, use of computers and Internet, SBA services, local history materials, copying, printing, scanning, Lursoft, Latvian databases. There is a gym in the former laundry house of Litene manor.

Health: Currently, SIA "Aptieka Litenē" operates in the territory of the parish. Patients are admitted to the practice of doctors I.Luguze's family doctor.

Cultural and natural monuments: The ensemble of Litene manor - a historical and cultural monument with the castle of Baron Wolf and the manor buildings preserved to this day - barns, stables, “vešūzi”, servants' houses, vagaras, gardener's houses, with an area of 15.36 ha. From 1925 there is a school in the castle. There are 4 archeological monuments in the territory of the parish - Podnieki, Lešķi, Akmeņrūča, Grīva ancient burial ground. The territory of the Latvian soldiers' summer camp, where in 1941. brutal repression against Latvian army officers and soldiers took place in the summer; Memorial site "Wall of Pain", where the remains of 11 killed Latvian army soldiers were reburied in December 1989; In the territory of the Litene care center, an oak tree where 4 Litenians were shot dead in 1906, a battlefield at the Sita bridge on the side of the Gulbene-Balvi road.
The biological diversity of the territory of Litene Parish is related to the specially protected nature territories of national significance and local significance:

  • Sita and Pededze floodplain nature reserve (NATURA 2000 territory)
  • Nature reserve "Mugurupe meadows" (NATURA 2000 territory)
  • 17 micro-reserves.

There are 3 national and 15 local trees in Litene parish.

Notable personalities: A.Tullijs (1851-1909) - writer, author of textbooks, teacher at Litene school; J.Brūniņš - author of textbooks, teacher, writer of Litene folklore; J.Dievkociņš (1879-1906) - writer, journalist, from 1898. until 1902. teacher in Litene; E.Balodis (1880-1951) - economist, professor at the University of Latvia; R.Liepiņš (1885-1946) - author of textbooks, teacher at Litene school; J.Vītoliņš (1886-1955) - composer, bassoonist, conservatory teacher; K. Kalnbērzs (1893-1960) - doctor, doctor of medicine; G.Upītis (1899) - writer; S.Duks (1902-1973) - choir conductor; A. Sudārs (1906) - pastor, publicist.

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