Lejasciems parish

Parish: Lejasciems parish
Population: 1754
Area: 33.83 km2

General information: Lejasciems parish is located in the north-eastern part of Vidzeme region in Gulbene region. It borders with Virešu and Trapene parishes of Ape district, Ilzene and Zeltiņi parishes of Alūksne district, Beļava, Galgauskas, Tirza, Lizuma and Ranka parishes of Gulbene district, as well as Variņi parish of Smiltene district.
Lejasciems parish has developed in a very beautiful place, at the confluence of two rivers - the Gauja and the Tirza, surrounded by forests.
The largest lakes - Sudala, Roznieki, Galgauskas and Ādmiņi - help to create beautiful natural landscapes.

Entrepreneurship: Various entrepreneurs and service providers operate in Lejasciems Parish. The largest of them are: "Aivico", "GM Mežs", SIA "Silmalas", SIA "Rainis", SIA "Agro Salmaņi", SIA "Lejasciema grauds", "SIA Gulbenes Ritums". There are three small HPPs in the parish - SIA Abuls, Paideru HPP and Pilskalni HPP. Lejasciems post office. Catering is offered by I / K "Pie Gaujmales".

Education: Lejasciems Secondary School and pre-school educational institution "Kamenīte" operate in the parish.

Culture: Lejasciems Parish Libraries, Māli Library, Lejasciems Culture House and Cultural Heritage Center.

Health: Residents use Sandra Liepiņa's family doctor's practice and Sinole paramedics. In Lejasciems there is a pharmacy branch of SIA "Gulbju aptieka".

Religion: Lower Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Cultural and natural monuments: Sulfur spring is interesting for tourists, its water is rich in sulfur. Paider boulder is included in the list of state protected natural objects.

Notable personalities: Lejasciems parish is rich in locals who are known in Latvia and in the world. These are writers - Zenta Mauriņa, Anna Sakse, Tirzmaliete; scientists - Maija Kūle, Andrejs Lūsis, Tālivaldis Zemzaris, Jānis Grāvītis, Ruta Muceniece, actors - Kārlis Sebris and Ansis Tipāns.

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