Jaungulbene parish

Population: 1010
Area: 91 km2
General information: Jaungulbene parish began to develop in the 18th century, when Jaungulbene was separated from Gulbene. Due to the administrative territorial reorganization, Ligo Parish was created in part of the territory of Jaungulbene Parish, part of it was added to Dauksti Parish, while Aduliena Parish and a small part of Tirza Parish were added to Jaungulbene Parish. Most of the Jaungulbene parish is located in the Gulbene hillock of the Alūksne highlands. A series of 8 elongated dome-shaped hills - Liedeskalni - stretches in the boundary zone of the Gulbene mound and the Adzele elevation. The largest rivers are Liede, Vijata and Audīle. Lake Ušura is the 7th deepest lake in Latvia.

Entrepreneurship: There are several dozen farms and limited companies in Jaungulbene parish. The most important: SIA "Arka", SIA "Valpor", SIA "AP Mežs", SIA "Ainars Cinkuss", SIA "DIJA 75", z/s "Jāni", z/s "Rītiņi". Non-traditional agriculture is engaged in: beekeeping farm "Niedras", z/s "Rugāji".

Education: Pre-school educational institution "Pienenīte", Gulbīša elementary school and Sveķu elementary school operate in the territory of the parish.

Culture: Jaungulbene folk house is located in the former building of the Singing Society (built in 1878). The women's choir "Liede", the senior vocal ensemble "Kamenes", the children's pop group "Dzērvenes", the folk group "Dadzes" and the amateur theater "Kuriozs" operate here.
A public library has been operating in the parish since 1946. It is the only place for obtaining free publicly available electronic information in the parish. The library offers its visitors: books and press releases, SBA services, computer and Internet use, a wide range of regional research materials about Jaungulbene parish, Lursoft and Letonika databases, as well as copying, printing, scanning and bookbinding services.

Health: The residents of the parish receive medical assistance from the "Jaungulbene Doctorate". On the basis of the former Jaungulbene vocational school, the social care center of the Gulbene district "Jaungulbenes Alejas" was established. I/u "Jaungulbenes Aptieka" operates.
Cultural and natural monuments: The natural monuments of national importance are: Liedeskalni - a mound, a settlement and a place of worship, the ancient cemeteries of Struņki, Sēlieši and Liednieki. Architectural monuments of national importance: Jaungulbene manor building (19th - 20th century), park with park architecture. Important architectural monuments are also the buildings of the Gulbīš elementary school and the Jaungulbene folk house.

Notable personalities: Many notable people associated with Jaungulbene parish: writers - K.Miķelsone, L.Auza, V.Kacēna-Kalpiņa, V.Vikāne, Dz.Vārdaune; education workers, pedagogues – K.Dēkēns, A,Vārdaunis; farmers – A. Jurciņš, P. Eglītis, A. Šmits; artists – E.Vārdaunis, P.Dushkins, I.Ranka, J.Salmanis, etc.
The latest information about Jaungulbene Parish on the Internet: www.jaungulbene.lv, https://www.gulbene.lv/lv/nvd/ppt/190-jp