Jaungulbene parish

Parish: Jaungulbene parish
Population: 1230
Area: 9055.4 ha

General information: Jaungulbene parish began to develop in the 18th century, when Jaungulbene was separated from Gulbene. Due to administrative-territorial reorganizations, Līgo parish was established in part of the territory of Jaungulbene parish, part was added to Dauksti parish, while Aduliena parish and a small part of Tirza parish were added to Jaungulbene parish. Most of Jaungulbene parish is located in the Gulbene hills of the Alūksne upland. A series of elongated 8 domed hills - Liedeskalni - stretches in the border zone of Gulbene embankment and Adzele elevation. The largest rivers - Liede, Vijata and Audīle. Lake Ušura is the 7th largest lake in Latvia.

Entrepreneurship: There are several dozen farms and Ltd. in Jaungulbene parish. The most significant: SIA "Arka", SIA "Arnis", SIA "Valpor", hp "Jāņi", hp "Madaras", hp "Rītiņi". Engaged in non-traditional agriculture: ps "Niedras", hp "Rugāji", hp "Kalnzari", hp "Jaunstāmeri".

Education: The pre-school educational institution “Pienenīte”, Gulbītis Secondary School, Sveķu Special Boarding Primary School and Jaungulbene Vocational Secondary School operate in the territory of the parish.

Culture: Jaungulbene Folk House is located in the former house of the Singing Society (built in 1878). There is a women's choir "Liede", a senior vocal ensemble "Kamenes", a children's pop group and a dramatic ensemble.
A public library has been operating in the parish since 1946. It is the only free place for obtaining publicly available electronic information in the parish. The library offers its visitors: books and press publications, SBA services, use of computers and the Internet, a wide range of local history materials about Jaungulbene Parish, Lursoft and Letonika databases, as well as copying, printing, scanning, stitching and document binding services.

Health: Residents of the parish receive medical assistance at the Jaungulbene Doctorate. A social care center has been established on the basis of the former hospital. Jaungulbenes aptieka operates.

Cultural and natural monuments: Natural monuments of national significance are: Liedeskalni - castle mound, settlement and place of worship, ancient burial ground of Struņķi, Sēliešu and Liednieki. Architectural monuments of national significance: Jaungulbene manor building (19th - 20th centuries), park with park architecture. The buildings of Gulbītis Secondary School and Jaungulbene Folk House are also important architectural monuments.

Notable personalities: Many notable people are associated with Jaungulbene parish: writers - K.Miķelsone, L.Auza, V.Kacēna-Kalpiņa, V.Vikāne, Dz.Vārdaune; educators, teachers - K.Dēķēns, A, Vārdaunis; farmers - A.Jurciņš, P.Eglītis, A.Šmits; artists - E.Vārdaunis, P.Dushkin, J.Salmanis, V.Vētra and others

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