Druviena parish

Parish: Druviena Parish
Population: 532
Total area of the parish: 6757 ha

General information: Druviena parish is located in the western part of Gulbene district near the border of Cēsis and Madona districts. It is one of the smallest parishes in Gulbene region. Nature has endowed Druviena with the beauty of mountainous areas. Wide forest strips along the lowlands of the rivers Tirza, Vilaune and Azanda surround Druviena like a dark green island, where everything is closed, idyllic. The richness of Druviena parish is considered to be the many tourist objects and unpolluted environment that would enable the development of tourism infrastructure in the future. A 4-5 km long Druviena forest nature trail has been created in the "Pērļu" silo. There is access to spring water - Vanagu spring.

Entrepreneurship: There are two wood processing companies in the parish. There is a hairdresser and a seamstress in the parish, there are two shops where you can buy both food and household goods.

Education: A primary school has been established in the former manor house since 1951, when major reconstruction works were carried out. In the autumn of 2008, a sports hall of Druviena Primary School was built in Druviena Parish, where there are opportunities for active sports for both students and adults.

Culture: The administrative building of Druviena parish was built in 1982 according to the project of Daila Putniņa, the chief architect of Gulbene district. In the lobby of the House of Culture there is a mural created by the artist Ralph Jansons, in the center of which are the residents J.Poruks, the brothers Egles, the Straume brothers, as well as various scenes of work and everyday life. In the tradition hall, the walls are decorated with the panel "Druviena's Song" created by the artist Helga Melbārde-Krisberg. Druviena Parish Culture House hosts active artistic activities, there is a folklore group "Pērlis", a music and solfeggio studio, a children's pop group "Bukurags", a women's club "Pavards". The Druviena Parish Women's Club "Pavards" project "From hand to hand" in 2008 was among the six small projects supported by the association "Sateka" - a humanitarian goods exchange point was established.
The Druviena Parish Library is located in the administrative building. The library provides free access to the library fund and Internet resources and databases Lursoft, Letonika.
There is a museum with an open-air stage in Druviena Parish, located in "Silmači" in Druviena. It was arranged in 1986 and its exposition is dedicated to Rūdolfs Blaumanis 'play "Tailors' Days in Silmači". This museum is a popular tourist attraction.

Health: In the administrative building there is a midwifery office and a branch of "Lejas" pharmacy.

Cultural and natural monuments: Druviena Old School - the museum popularizes and preserves the 19th and 20th centuries. The cultural and historical heritage of Latvia is further enhanced by the outstanding contribution of the locals to the Latvian folk culture, art and literature, with special emphasis on Jānis Porukas.

Notable personalities: Druviena Parish is the birthplace of many famous people in Latvia. Born here: writer and poet Jānis Poruks, composer and conductor Jānis Straume and master of applied arts Jūlijs Straume, translator and literary critic Rūdolfs Egle, bibliographer and translator Kārlis Egle, musician and conductor Jēkabs Poruks, writer Vilis Ešots.

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