Dauksti parish

Parish: Daukstu Parish
Population: 1297
Total area of the parish: 165 km2

General information about the parish
County writer Jānis Plotnieks writes:
"Daukstes was born out of thousands -
For me, they always stand on the top of a mountain.
There is a lot of mud and cold here,
But through the mists hot stars go home. ”
The name Daukstes is derived from the word "dukes". And indeed, in this area there are quite a few mountains, more flat plains and swamps, including the Great Mark's Swamp. Forests cover 50% of the parish territory. The parish established after the Second World War borders the town of Gulbene, Strada, Galgauskas, Jaungulbene and Līgo parishes, Madona district and along the Pededze river with Balvi district. Largest settlements: Daukstes, Elste, Stari, Krapa. Dauksti Parish can be proud of its tidy ruins, flowering meadows, where large herds graze, orchards and berry orchards, forests planted with young plants, and a bog rich in blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries. All this thanks to the hard-working people of the parish, who honor the traditions started by the ancestors.

Entrepreneurship is mainly related to agriculture. The largest in the dairy sector are JSC "Vāverītes", "Jaundreiņi", "Kalnalīves", grain growing SIA "Ploskupi" and z / s "Laipas". During the summer months, gardeners from the farm "Pļavnieki" also offer work to students. The people of the parish also provide jobs to SIA Ušuru kūdra, a wood processing company Druvēnieki. In the territory of the parish there is SIA „8. CBR ”asphalt concrete plant.
The well-being of the inhabitants of the parish is taken care of - two shops, the cafe "Kaprīze", the recreation complex "Ferma".

Education: The children of the parish can get their education in Daukste primary school, the school also has a boarding school and since 2007 the young children can attend the pre-school group "Bitīte".

Culture: There are two libraries in the parish: Daukstu Parish Library and Staru Library. Libraries are the only free publicly available electronic information collection places in the parish. Libraries offer: home distribution of books and periodicals, SBA services, use of computers and the Internet, local history materials, copying, printing and scanning services, databases Letonika and Lursoft.

Health: Residents of the parish receive medical care at paramedics and midwives in Stari and Daukste, as well as at the dentist once a week in Stari. Taking care of the well-being of the people living further away from the center, Krapa and Daukste have social centers where you can take a shower, do your laundry or just avoid loneliness and meet your neighbors. The priority of Dauksti parish is caring for people.

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