Belava Parish

Parish: Beļava Parish
Population: 1803
Area: 16934 ha

General information: Beļava parish is located in the northern part of Gulbene region, the largest settlements: Beļava, Pilskalns, Letes, Ozolkalns, Silamala, Naglene. The southern border of Beļava Parish is close to the town of Gulbene. In this parish, which is special with its so different settlements, is the highest peak of the Gulbene hill embankment - Beļava or Kārtene castle mound, which was one of the largest Latgalian castle mounds in the area. There is also Lake Lisa (Pinteļi) in Beļava Parish, which is nice not only for holidaymakers, but also excellent for having a so-called range or Latgalian lake. Local stories are also involved.
The territory of the parish is rich in lakes: Auguliena, Sprīvuļi, Opulītis, Čušļi, Lete lakes. In the center of the former manor house with a park in the 18th century. K. Valdemārs Primary School is located in the built castle, there is an open-air stage right next door. Ozolkalns, a former Blome half-manor, is located at the foot of the castle mound, here is one of the oldest human settlements. People have also lived in the nearby Līkanši or Rutkaste castle mound, but a stone cemetery has been found opposite Lazdukalns-Pērļi hill. The territory is crossed by highways Gulbene-Smiltene, Gulbene-Vilaka, narrow gauge railway line Gulbene-Aluksne. Belava was first mentioned in historical sources in 1489. In the center of the parish there is a parish administration, kindergarten, folk house, library, shop, post office.

Entrepreneurship: The largest farms: “Laimiņi”, “Bērziņi”, “Sviķi”, “Riekstusalas”, “Jaunsētas”, where they are engaged in dairy farming, “Šķilteri” (grain growing), “Horticulture” floriculture). SIA ,, Vidzemes būvnieks ”(construction, trade), SIA ,, Apgāde” (trade, commercial activity), SIA ,, Mū Siers ”(house cheese workshop), SIA ,, INUTAE” (sewing services), SIA ,, Saules 1 ”(Woodworking), petrol station“ Virši A ”,“ Būdiņa ”(tire trade),“ Alfo AA ”(trade),“ Vecviņķeles ”(tire service),“ Mežābeles ”(car service), z / s Avoti 93 (sawmill, trade), KS LPKS ,, Vidzeme agro-economic cooperative society. Until November 2010, a silver fox and polar fox farm operated in the counters.

Education: There is a pre-school educational institution "Zvaniņš" in Beļava parish, which is located in the center. A primary school has been located in the castle mound of Beļava manor since 1952. the school has the name of K. Valdemārs. Ozolkalns Primary School closed in 2012. in the summer.

Culture: After World War II in 1947. The library of Beļava Parish was reopened, the folk house was opened in November 1964 (the middle generation dance group “Ega”, the amateur theater “Mistērija”, the women's vocal ensemble “Trio”, the handicraft workshop “Dzīpariņš” were operating). In Ozolkalns Culture and Sports Center "Zīļuks" there is a youth dance group, Ozolkalns Amateur Theater and a group of applied arts.

Health: Paramedic and midwifery centers are located in the center of the parish and in Ozolkalns. The head of the Belava point leaves for the reception on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Cultural and natural monuments: Archaeological monuments of national significance are Beļava manor, Beļava-Kārtene castle mound, “Burtnieki” residential barn, Lazdu hill, Pērļu hill, Rutkaste hill, Viculaiku castle mound, Lisa lake, Andzēni ancient burial ground, Dumpurnieki ancient burial ground, ancient burial ground, KUbulnieki ancient burial ground, Liedskalni ancient burial ground. Bust of the painter L. Svemps at the former parish house in Belgium (sculptor E. Melderis in 1987).

Notable people: Beļava parish is rich with locals who are known in Latvia and in the world: artists V.Irbe, L.Svemps, teacher, author of the alphabet “First steps” N.Dakers, choir conductors I. and G. Kokari, S. Duks, writer V. Lesiņš, wood sculptor I. Poļaks, artist, painter I. Klapers. Today we are proud of our athletes: Edgars Maskalāns (bobsleigh), Armands Zvirbulis (freestyle wrestling), Jānis Mezīte (sprint), Linda Savļaks (biathlon), Madara Līdums (biathlon), as well as the painter Solveiga Kļaviņš.

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