County parishes

  • Belava Parish

    Beļava parish is located in the northern part of Gulbene region, the largest settlements: Beļava, Castle mound, Letes, Ozolkalns, Silamala, Naglene.

  • Dauksti parish

    The name Daukstes is derived from the word "dukes". And indeed, in this area there are quite a few mountains, more flat plains and swamps, including the Great Mark's Swamp.

  • Druviena parish

    Druviena parish is located in the western part of Gulbene district near the border of Cēsis and Madona districts. It is one of the smallest parishes in Gulbene region.

  • Galgauskas parish

    Galgauskas Parish is located in the western part of the district. The river Tirza and its tributaries flow through the parish - Gosupe, Vijata (Location), Lāčupe.

  • Jaungulbene parish

    Jaungulbene parish began to develop in the 18th century, when Jaungulbene was separated from Gulbene. Most of Jaungulbene parish is located in the Gulbene hills of the Alūksne upland.

  • Lejasciems parish

    Lejasciems parish is located in the north-eastern part of Vidzeme region in Gulbene region. Lejasciems parish has developed in a very beautiful place, at the confluence of two rivers - the Gauja and the Tirza, surrounded by forests.

  • Līgo parish

    Līgo parish was established after the Second World War, separating this territory from Jaungulbene parish. In 1990, Līgo parish was established within the boundaries of Līgo village.

  • Litene parish

    Litene Parish is located in the northeastern part of Gulbene District. Distance to the nearest town Gulbene - 18 km, to Riga - 204 km.

  • Lizuma parish

    Lizuma parish borders with Lejasciems, Tirza, Druviena and Ranka parishes in Gulbene district. About 50% of the parish territory is covered by forests.

  • Rankas parish

    The northern part of Ranka Parish is located in the lower reaches of the Vidzeme Highlands, in the middle and southern part of the Piebalga hills. Largest settlements: Ranka, Gaujarēviļi, Rēveļi.

  • Stāmeriena parish

    The NW part of Stāmeriena parish is located in the Gulbene hill valley of the Alūksne upland, which in the SE part passes through the Adzele upland of the Eastern Latvian lowlands. The Gulbene-Alūksne narrow-gauge railway line runs through the territory of the parish.

  • Stradu parish

    The parish is special in that other settlements - Stāķi and Šķieneri have grown into a place that gave the parish its name - Stradus. One of the largest treasures of the parish is forests, which occupy 61% of the entire territory of the parish.

  • Tirza parish

    Until the 6th century. the territory of the parish was inhabited by the Selians. Until the 14th century. The territory of Tirza belonged to Latgalian Talava region. The presence of Sēļi has remained in the dialect of Tirzmala and Viran.