County pearls

  • Banitis


    The Gulbene - Alūksne narrow gauge railway is a small section, less than 33 km from the 19th - 20th centuries. The narrow - gauge railway lines Stukmaņi - Vecgulbene - Valka, built at the turn of the 19th century. It is currently the only operating general purpose narrow gauge railway in Latvia. It provides passenger traffic between the centers of Gulbene and Alūksne districts, which are located in the north-eastern part of Latvia.

  • Devil of Gosupe

    Devil of Gosupe

    The only monument to the devil in Latvia - the "Gosupe" devil is located in Lizuma parish, Gulbene region. The author of the monument is Vilis Zvaigznitis, a writer and sculptor.

  • Furnace tile factory "Samiņi"

    Furnace tile factory "Samiņi"

    There is (probably the only in the whole Baltic region) a kiln tile factory in Stradu parish of Gulbene region. Even now, in Samiņi, the production of kiln tiles from clay in the ground continues, combining elementary mechanization with handwork.

  • Bathhouse workshop

    Bathhouse workshop

    The Bathhouse Workshop operates in the house “Ārņu” of Dauksti parish, Gulbene region. In 2014, the Sauna Workshop was awarded the “Latvian Heritage” cultural mark.

  • Ski Museum in Tirz

    Ski Museum in Tirz

    One of the first expositions of ski equipment in Gulbene region and throughout Latvia. The number of exhibits is several hundred - 90 pairs of skis, poles, ski boots, emblems and much more.