Gulbene region Birch Primary School 4b

A dream

The dream is so sweet and nice.
I want a lot.
To make candy
and the sun of honey would shine.
So I can fly
and still - to teach.

We put shoulder to shoulder
and we all call at once:
- Everyone in the world wants it!

Gulbene region Birch Primary School 4b


I want my dreams to come true
Let the candy grow on the trees
So I can fly
And climb trees forever!

These are all dreams I want,
But you have to think about others, too -
To have something to eat and drink in Africa,
May the war be nowhere!

If people start respecting others,
Then everything will be fine, yes!
And half of all dreams
Then it will be filled with.

Gulbene region Bērzu primary school 5a


One fine autumn day
We all go hiking.
Let's go, let's go, we're looking for
Until we find it.

In the middle of the forest, in green moss,
In a fallen deciduous bush
The queen of the forest is sitting there -
Mistress of all mushrooms

She has a hat on her head
For red and white rolls,
Everyone watches, everyone explores -
Is that mushroom worth it!

Gulbene region Bērzu primary school 5a

Small pine forest

Once on the edge of a pine forest,
Located at the very end of the road,
Moss came out of the moss,
That's our little bit.

And next to the little one,
Next to which is a big old man,
A new pot was sitting,
Surrounded by a small mosquito.

And there, on the edge of a small forest,
In dark and mossy caves,
Grew a lot, a lot of berries,
What looked like small buttons.

But crows flew up,
And there were many other things in the forest,
What gave this story
Some useful trivia.

Well the story is over,
That's why the pen
I put aside.

Gulbene region Bērzu primary school 5a


Falling leaves fall in the fall,
Stains in her grass,
Dropped on the trail beautiful
Yellow-green turns immediately.

You have to bring it to school tomorrow
Herbarium of beautiful leaves.
A lot of leaves in the herbarium,
All - big, gorgeous, beautiful!

I take it to the teacher
The amount of beautiful leaves
The teacher liked
Ten points were scored.

I went home again
Through the leaf bush.
Today all the leaves
Red and yellow.

I took one page
I take it home,
I started researching it,
The leaves are bright red.

I found an insect there
Like a beautiful leaf.
Now let's finish researching
You have to start learning!

Gulbene region Bērzu primary school 5a


On the autumn day the wind blew
And the leaves came from the trees.
The wind lacked strength,
Trees rocking.

The autumn sun is still bridging,
The leaves of the trees fill the colors.
Kids pages to read go,
Gorgeous bouquets are tied together.

They will be given to their parents,
For teachers, neighbors.
Happiness shines in everyone's eyes,

The beautiful autumn sparkles with joy.

Gulbene Birch Primary School 5b


Summer looks like the sun
With your big eyes.
Listen to what she does this morning
Your land will say!

Raises all the flowers,
Smiles towards the sun,
The grass also woke up,
Waiting patiently.

Hear me, grass, flowers,
Hear me, earth,
To put over my rye scrap
Always a bright sky!

Gulbene Birch Primary School 5b


Autumn is coming, nature is painting -

Yellow, orange, red, brown
Then everything around becomes.

Is it that colorful that can be?

Yes, its tree leaves are mottled.

Who knows how to paint so beautifully?

Autumn, what else!

But what else can autumn do?

This brings the plants to water,

It brings wind because the leaves of the trees have to get down.

It reports: "School time is here"

Then the children, with bags on their shoulders, go and laugh:

"This autumn is great!"

Gulbene Birch Primary School 5b

About beck

There are mushrooms
whose forest a lot.
They are brown in color,
glad to see it for me.

The mushroom shines by the mushroom,
hats alone shine.
They lure in the woods
both me and you
both friends.

Beckas grow in forests -
where the place is good.
Let's not touch them
let the mushrooms whale.

Butter butter,
boletus Aspen,
Why not…

Gulbene Birch Primary School 5b


Its stalk is like a pillar,
And a hat has a notch on it.
She has a hat like a sun,
It is beautiful like a doll.

I know her name
And I want to name it
But suddenly the pupil falls
And the word was forgotten.

I think and think
What is this little beauty called?
Then I remembered the word it -
That's right - chanterelle!

Gulbene Birch Primary School 5b


A blue plane is flying in the sky,
And my little heart starts beating faster -
Above the high mountain tops
The blue balloon takes off.

From a bird's eye view I -
There are houses like sandboxes,
And people seem to be tall.
Everything is so small but familiar.

Such an unforgettable event -
How does a bird rise in the sky
With a dream blue ship
And feel the joy of flying.

Gulbene Birch Primary School 5b

In the woods

I really like going to the forest,
Hear the beasts of the forest,
And someone along the way
Pick up blueberries.

Fold a branch,
What pine to recognize
And along the trail fast, knuckles
See the anthill.

But when the mushrooms grow,
Big, beautiful, delicious, -
I cut it carefully
And I quickly put it in the cart.

But when the basket is full to the brim
With forest delicacies delicious,
Along the sunlit path
I'm happy to go home!

Gulbene region Birch Primary School 6a

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves yellow,
Greenish and pink
There are still branches in the trees
In the caress of the sun's rays.

The leaves swirl in the dance,
The wind blows easily.
Don't think about winter yet -
Autumn must be enjoyed -

Autumn mists foggy,
The sun's rays on the day
The smell of fruit in honey,
The evenings are so warm.

Soon cool winds are blowing -
Autumn leaves have a short lifespan.
Bare branches of trees
Snowflakes in glitter.

Gulbene region Birch Primary School 6a


Autumn is active time,
Children have school time.
Well, I don't want to learn,
But friends want to meet both.
Autumn is here, and it's raining outside,
Wander the golden leaves in the hall!
It will be a harsh winter soon,
It will be cold and humid outside.
On a beautiful autumn day
I went to look in the woods.
Berry, berry, mushroom, mushroom,
Where are you in the woods?
Mossy birch leaves are sleeping,
Chanterelles are everywhere.
Pink berries shine everywhere,
The mouse holds the mouse.

Gulbene region Birch Primary School 6a

Autumn in the woods

I was in the woods yesterday,
Something I saw here -
Pussy carries nuts,
Ezim - bright birch leaves.

I go on, I see -
A new ornament for the forest.
Maples, birches, ferns
Change your role.

Speru soli. So what's there?
Mushroom my foot there.
Feeling - its a big pitch!
Looking down - mushrooms.

Time to go home for me,
Twilight begins in the woods.
However, returning there,
Thoughts forest pleasures bur.

Gulbene region Birch Primary School 6a

Mushroom pleasure

Latvia has beautiful forests,
they are inhabited by bears, hedgehogs
foxes, bunnies, squirrels,
sometimes i visit there.

On a beautiful, early autumn morning,
threw a knife in the basket
I go to the forest quickly
pick up there mushrooms.

Pink mycelium birch leaves
smile sweetly at me
but from a mushroom hat
the worm is playing at home.

I'm going to look for me,
but - again nothing for me!
Chipped packets of chips
as the mushrooms look.

That's how I walked for a long time,
looking for the big mushroom
finally chanting tiny
i ate lunch.

Gulbene region Birch Primary School 6a

The sun like a rowan

The sun like a rowan
Red, red riet,
The naughty frost gets in the way,
Asters are prevented from flowering.

During the day the winds blow the leaves,
They drive here and there.
Autumn rain
And fill the pits with water.

The sun shines on the window before it goes out
And disappears beyond the horizon.
Then the moon and thousands of stars
Take power in heaven.

And we in the evenings
Let's go into ourselves.
We drink tea by candlelight
And we think - what will be the morning ...

Gulbene region Bērzu primary schools 6b

Nature as a miracle

There are many wonders in nature
Everything is beautiful and magical.
Every living creature
Reminds me of that.

Large, green trees in the forests
Stretching upwards.
Ferns and strawberries
In the shade of low air.

In the distance, the sea chills,
The pine can be called:
- See how beautiful we are!
The sea is also beautiful.

Look far into the sky
Enjoy the beautiful!
Protects the wonder of nature,
What lives around us!

Gulbene region Bērzu primary schools 6b

Autumn holiday

I'm going out today,
Not in a fight, not in a war!
I'm going to skateboard,
Invite a friend to a sports game.

I'm in a good mood
Do not disturb even the road pole.
Holidays are a nice thing
You can play sports until sunset.

Suddenly raindrops,
Acorns are falling and crackling!
We must stop playing sports,
What about a solar eclipse?

Heavy rain is starting,
I don't have an umbrella with me,
The autumn shower pours me off,
I come home - everyone laughs!

Gulbene region Bērzu primary schools 6b

Holiday in the woods

Forest dwellers are rising,
Immediately in the free step laundry,
Eyes open, works aside,
You can start to rejoice.

Deer jump in fun flocks,
Great fun for squirrels,
The bunny shouts loudly:
"Squirrels must bite the stake!"

Everyone runs into a herd,
Some remain in the dark,
Who is there who is crying out there?
What's wrong with the plague?

The bunny starts his story,
He really knows how!
But squirrels cheerful mind,
Because nothing has been like that.

Druviena Primary School, 6th grade

At school

We study very hard,
We write tests in Knaši,
We make teachers happy,
We do all the homework.

Teachers love, nice,
Leads long, long hours.
Helps all students
Without any fights.


Soldiers sit stately
In gray boots,
Looking forward to your big day
When will you have to go to fight.

Young, beautiful daughters,
Waiting for soldiers at home
From each mission.