Galgauskas Primary School, 4th grade

Angel, you have silk wings,
I have a red blanket soft and warm,
Protect my dreams
Protect me in my own dream.
For your dream
silk wings.
Manam murgam
black legs.
In your heart
shining light -
it's yours
grace great.
High in the sky
the stars are bright,
on the ground grass green -
this is your beloved world.
The ornament is decorated by hand,
hand decorate jewelry
decorate your beloved hand!

Druviena Primary School, 11


R weaves the page last,
T he swings under maples
D night, it swings at night.
E s I look and think -
N AU Winter.
T a page - last -
I t have never disappeared,
Take winter under your control,
This autumn will be blown away.

Bērzu Primary School, 6.b


Height sown on ruffles
A little three
Lips covered
Another dark chocolate
Bitter taste
But matos
Which with last year's straw
Sapinis wind
Just smoked
The taste of a cheap cigarette

She inhales, exhales

She sings the song
About the Titanic
And dream
For a happy ending

She inhales, exhales

She is sitting
On the suitcase
Plush bear next to it

She inhales again, exhales

She is sitting
On the suitcase
Half a heart still beats
The other half
Beat next
Somewhere between the sawdust

Ieelpa ...

The well-known ...

I know those tears
Salty and bitter
Who mourned the fairy tale

Severe silence
Now it came
Sudden confusion
The voice stopped

A fairy tale deal
They want to run away
Tears well up
Better to jump from top to bottom

And every salty tears every night
Dispels joy
Several summers have passed
With a layer of tears superfluous


The written tear
Read like laughter
Hard times
As moments easy
Written below
I have nothing to give
If only
Sell yourself

Galgauskas Primary School, 7th grade

The stars shine outside on a dark night
like a million small light bulbs
in the dark night the lamps go out,
dreams come to you ...
Drink tea and ask
or loneliness doesn't haunt you
or don't get sad
don't you sink in life ...
Is ... all right?

Don't hide in loneliness,
come out
come out into the world
where dreams with angels dance
and butterflies for them to play ...
Where everyone is good,
where thoughts are so winged
where the gaze expresses everything ...

Come to me.
I do today though
want to be home ...

I weep -
tears are raining,
dreams fall off
hopes die
forces are running out.
Thinking of sinking -
tears are raining.
Tear as much as I can
however, do not wipe.
Tears are raining.
I scared,
that I will not drown ...

Druviena Primary School, 7th grade

Beautiful land of my Fathers.
Eyes - blue lakes.
Hair - golden corn.
Lips - pink wild berries.
But our hearts are wide
As the forest of the Fatherland.
Beautiful, beautiful you, Latvia,
The most beautiful of all.
You are rich in counties
For blue, blue waters,
Green forests,

For large fields,
Latvia mana!
Songs are sung,
Danci ved,
Proud of great people.

Galgauskas Primary School, 8th grade

cloudy edge of the sky
thunder thunder
blowing in the wind
there is a thunderstorm
the whole edge rumbles
lightning rumble
as in a real life dispute
until ending in the sun
in the magic of the rainbow
Hear the quietest sound
What lives in the world.
You need to hear
What's going on in the world
So you understand
What happens in everyone's heart and soul.
Life in the fog no longer makes sense.
It is not found.
Life also disappears in thorn roses,
When you look for it, your hands are burned
To the heart.
In search of life,
Only sore souls can be found -
On the web, in tears.

Galgauskas Primary School, 8th grade

Sadzirdi -
no matter how close or far you are.
Listen to the heartbeat…
Listen to the whispers
around me and in heaven.
Listen to the sadness of the wind,
because they carry the story of my heart.
arises from the larvae -
learning to fly.
St. John's wort by the roadside
learning to spit.
Ants are studying
the sun count the rays.
I also study -
search for words
which brings you closer to you
and helps to walk the paths long.
poetry - the deep bottom of pain
poetry - the dance of butterflies
my joy is -
In autumn, the sun makes everything bright!
Or does it make me bright?
I will give my heart to the sun!
Then it will definitely make me bright ...
You watch the sun through your fingers.
You watch love through your heart.
Through thoughts you understand everything
which reflects your real life.
You will grow up and watch your childhood
from a higher point of view.
Like the sun from another galaxy.
You sink in the cloud of memory.
And you will feel the touch ... so gentle ...
In the dream world, all pink glasses are.
In order not to beg on the side of the station,
put on pink glasses
and go your way
at the station
dreamed of.

Druviena Primary School
I'm like a stream -
sparkling and uncontrollable,
i'm a surging sea
i'm like a meadow flower
which makes others happy.
I'm all that can be,
and I am not ashamed of that
a little bold and frivolous.
I'm proud of it because, like me,
it's just me.
You are in my heart
how the tree is rooted
whose roots, each time
thinking of you
painfully tears my heart.
Unless you know that in silence
I look forward to seeing you again
hug and hold
close to yourself!
But I know -
it's all over a long time ago -
you are far away
so far away that me
even remain afraid.
But I know clearly -
no matter what happens
your roots in my heart
i will be warmed up
and will heat up until I take you
i will meet again.

Galgauskas Primary School, 8th grade
If you love your land
then the world,
if you love me
then - life
and every moment together.
The light is bright
and dark at night.
There are times when you really do
want to want
both particles.
Autumn cool sadness
takes over the small leaf,
easy, easy, giving it to the wind,
quietly, quietly, taking it to the island.
My paradise
is in a quiet stranger
where dreams slowly fall from the sky
and your voice sounds quiet -
with the words favorite
who are called paradise.
Why love
can not be
the peace seen in a dream ...?

Gulbene Secondary School No. 2, 9th grade


It's friendship,
living in our hearts
what's left there
where do we leave it
which suggests
for tears and joys,
about what was
today is and will be.
There are a lot of friends
which makes us live
and what makes you happy
but it can also be
that it's hard to live
without friendship.
Friendship is a word
with whom we live
with whom we are happy
and we are proud of it.
We are the ones
who loves it and takes care of it
our hearts keep it close,
and do not release.


Life -
it's so sweet
but bitterness is also present,
who do not rest in his heart.
Life -
it's so short
and it cannot be stretched any longer,
it is as it is.
Life -
it starts with childhood
but ends in old age,
which no one wants.
Life -
that word says a lot
and this is a man
who survives his life.
Life -
time goes on
Everything changes, -
man and man around.
Life -
it gives us a chance
be happy.
Life ...

Galgauskas Primary School, 9th grade

Darkness is a miracle.
The day is the sun
and does not reach.
Clouds glide over the world
and teaches everyone to live happily ever after!
In the black alley
in a dark valley
dreams died, forces waned.
In the far reaches,
in the blue distance
the sounds flowed away, the longing disappeared.
Only lonely
snow sequins
a quiet song
sings of flame.
Don't tell me anything if I don't listen
Don't teach me anything if I don't care
Don't cry for me if I don't shed tears,
Don't laugh at me if I laugh at you,
Don't come to me, because I'm leaving,
Love if I can't love.

Madona city 1st vsk. 11.c


When bitterness is in the world,
Then remember - a friend will be there for you,
It will be by your side when it hurts
And it will be when you need to comfort yourself!
When someone says a bad word to you,
A friend will come and say: hello!
He will take away your bitterness
And in return will give pity.
If there is little good around us,
Then shed no tears for it;
But remember, you have a friend
You can count on it.


Get on the road, traveler,
You still have a long way to go,
You still have an opponent in the world.

Go faster, traveler,
Don't be halfway lonely,
Try not to look back.

Come sooner, traveler,
Don't make you wait days
Because then you can stop smiling.

Go smarter, traveler,
Don't worry if someone doesn't understand you
But know that your companion will be there for you.

Today do not want to…

How not to say goodbye today,
I do not want to say that everything will end once and for all.
I want to continue to enjoy you,
Wants to be aware of oneself.

How not to say goodbye now,
Don't want to cry and laugh
He just wants to control himself
And warm up after the words.

How not to say goodbye today,
Don't want to praise someone or pretend
I want to look closely at you
And never change again.

But we need to say goodbye today-
Need to cry, need to laugh
You just have to control yourself
And warm up after the words.


Everyone needs a little joy,
Everyone needs a little smile,
Everyone needs a moment of themselves,
Everyone needs someone waiting for them.
Open your eyes wide open
Let those smiles show you
Open your ears wide open,
Let them say good words,
Open your palms wide,
To capture the sun's rays,
Open your heart wide,
To understand how much you can!
Weave light
and shines.
The birds have given it away
their wings.
Everyone feels longing at home ...
Weave light -
glowing wings,
and longing becomes the way home.
Listen to the raging autumn wind,
Listen to the wind whisper to you.
Feel the cold breath of winter,
Feel what winter feels like.
Take a look at the light flame of the candles,
Listen to what they tell you.
Listen to the warm story of candles,
Hear what they have to say.
Listen to your friends' warm words
Feel how they feel.
Don't miss a person
To the person asking for help.
Hear all the good and the bad,
Hear no matter how it hurts.
Hear, but not in yourself,
To express how everyone feels -
God has given you a tongue.

Gulbenes 2.v-sk. 10th grade

Tell me friend
kind words
what makes the sun wonder
and its smile becomes sunnier!
Does not lose color,
where everyone is fine always ...
Everything is silent ...
Only the voices of birds are heard.
When you wake up early -
everything wants to be seen.
What a sad morning ...
Everything is silent ...
I would like to
Make the world smile
Let people love
May everything be different…
But things can't happen anymore,
As you want…
As i would like
Someone tell me
That joys are here,
That winter is here…
I think you tell me that
Only angels can -
They have a white heart…


Leave one tear
on the window panes,
farewell and a quiet smile.

Let me take the third part
seconds of happiness
when our hands were folded

Leave the morning and the rising sun,
keep it to yourself.

You don't have to find me
the mist
among thousands of your names.

Let it be raining in January
last saturday rain.

None of us have seen it
we sit on the roof at sunset,
holding a half-empty cup of coffee in your hands!

Druviena, 18 g.

Everything has changed. Not as it used to be.
Now dreaming comes less often.
There is less time left.
Don't know how it gets to me?

I no longer wander in the past
And I do not look to the future.
I don't dream - no more.
I have to live in the present!

Everything has changed. It's a new day.
Behind it is a stone wall.
You can't run back
I have to keep going!

I will not climb on the rake anymore,
What would I drop without oxygen.
I will breathe new life
And I will grab the fresh leaves.

Everything has changed. I have nothing to hide.
How could I ever do that?
After my earthquake, I'm scared
I will fill the cracks with sand.

I will no longer make my mistakes.
I don't want to break out of the lock.
Let the salt water go away
And instead of sweet streams come together!

Alberta College student, 18

In heaven
Open up in the sky ...
See? Do you see the star shining?
It's for you!
Take it, I give it to you from the heart!
Just don't put it aside,
keep close to you
for the star will be useful to you,
which has come from my heart!

Rezekne Higher Education Institution, 22 years old

Takes me to the meadow

Take me by the hand
And the tares are brought into the meadow;
Where the flowery dew in the mornings,
And the bow whispers in the voice of the wind.

Take me to the meadow,
Where the air vibrates with happiness,
Take a cup and fill it full;
Apply for happiness from the meadow.

Then let's sip happiness from the cup
And let's look at the meadow dew,
And maybe we'll even hear
What dream bees are hurting us.

23 years old

Your world lives in the world

Steps so fragile
as a glance at a glance,
unexpected touch ...
And again you smile
as if I wanted to
without turns
and timely guidance
be just happy ...

It won't matter to you
dust, accumulated for centuries,
because not with the mind
someone has learned to fly
just wanting
while fighting -
by itself
with the wind
and snow-free ...

However, remember -
there will always be a corner
where surveyors will not measure time
where relentless peace
entered the rush of understanding
with dreamy joy
and a frame of falling stars,
where to return
to yourself
without fear
that the clouds will not understand -
why sunbeams
in the rain
and whispers so brittle and quietly
just for you to feel -
your world
will always be endless!

Kiss me - even in a dream

Kiss Me,
when the poppies turn pink
going to play
cunning wind -
will catch fire
the eyes of the world,
in which not bad
the cloud is sitting.

Kiss Me,
when the swallow in the wings
a stormy smile
crying brings -
glances in threes
longing for silence,
good luck
we will create.

Kiss Me,
when in the twilight depths
dark green thoughts
unsafe thrives -
in the smell of wild roses
nemanot reibsim,
scaly nights
fates nice.

Kiss Me,
when the summer rains
spider webs
dewy rain -
emerald dreams
in the alleys
glowing kisses
gilded morning.

My heart speaks to you today

Jasmine blooms like a fragrant miracle,
And the golden sun shall rise in the branches of lime,
But my heart speaks to you quietly
By the lake, where water lilies bloom.

The wind caresses the clouds with dandelions,
And in the swan's kiss, the shore of the land of happiness,
As a hug, as clear dew steps,
There is a source of happiness in your dreams.

The wind blows in the wind playful silver space,
And the swallow sings about daisies,
But in cornflowers, counting the sun,
Already a corncrake is relentlessly cutting.

Let the moments go ahead - time belongs to the winds of dreams,
They always shine like raindrops,
We will fly with bees in sweet linden flowers,
And the hearts of amber laugh today!


If I could learn to fly,
Then I would do it -
Like an eagle over the mountains on the planet
Without an end in the universe.

If I could learn to worry,
Then I would do it -
Like a mustang in freedom
In the vastness of the prairie.

If I could dance
Then I would
Like an Argentine tango
Dance at sunset on the beach.

Yes i would learn to sing
Then I would do it -
Sounds like a painful fado
In the fishing village.

If I could keep quiet,
Then I would
As Poruks was silent in poetry
In the small Druviena.

Those wake me up dreams
As for the summer day,
Maybe you can do it all
If you are lucky.

There is infinity between me and you -
Such a breadth that it catches its breath,
And only one fragile string -
Which one goes towards us.

I will stop by her when I have a hard time
When I can no longer carry
The gravity of the earth I feel
We sleep on the soul.

I touch her when I want to
What a love to be
And tremble, vibrate the fine string -
Does your heart feel it?

There is a destiny between me and you -
Neither tie nor pull -
The delicate and soft thread
Where we both stick,
Take a moment through the darkness and loneliness
It would be infinitely good…

There is love between me and you -
And the sweet wind of freedom,
Unconditional infinity
Who deletes all caresses…
And only one fragile string -
Like a steel rope - so durable.

This time does not deprive me of running time,
What annoys the calendar,
I live - that's my day.

There's nothing this time can do for me -
Because I will only be richer tomorrow,
I know how to fill it every day.

This time can no longer bear anything -
Everything stored in me sleeps like a well,
Whatever the life of the rapids feel like…

There's nothing this time can do to me -
Love still lives in the heart,
What can warm your soul…
The glow of dreams still fades in my eyes,
And nothing feels out of it.

To run this time,
I'll be here again -
I love this white world so much.


You will fold paper boats,
i will throw them at sea
and it will be another world -
outside the world in salt.

You will fold the paper boats
and laugh if it seems silly to you,
but I will be safe and secure,
and I will not be sad at all.

You will fold paper boats,
i believe in the sea and gulls -
you see how the waves are already carrying them
for white, foamy ears ...

You will fold paper boats,
i will throw them at sea
and the days and the years shall come, and the days shall endure
outside the world in salt.

Take me in your strong hands -
at least once again, truly loving
let me happen again
even if I just happened again
that never
the morning will never come again ...
If I could,
I in people's hearts
silver river record
and all the pain
from their paths
read one by one.

If I could,
and the sun
people instead of greeting
and a dark cloud
turn into a rainbow.

To make their dreams come true,
I would sweep the meadows,
but in the fall look for them
in quiet and pink maples.

If I could,
i have full mailboxes for each
flowering buds
also in winter,
so please -
let me go unnoticed
go to you in the village.


As long as the veil of destiny has not fallen,
my walkway, without stopping to go.
Another nightmare sings on the wings of a dream
and freedom is as great as the path of migratory birds.
Clouds go in the lake mirrors,
tears have not yet come in the autumn.
I will remove the closure from the eyelids
and I no longer look at the stop signs.
My passing secular hate hates,
because nothing in it is true or real,
and until the wheel of the world is stopped,
I own this path, and I own this path.
Out of time mess
one day my silence will turn into a cry,
it will not have time to bend around the rocks
and survive by hitting them.
When a candle cries, burning itself,
and melted in a big, hot tear,
I will write myself there,
to forget among the languages of the people.
You will speak, but I will keep you secret
and your laughter will not sound in me.
You will cry when I sing you ...
like a dice like the Antarctic wind.
Out of time mess
silence will pass in a loud scream ...
My slightly sad eyes look at me
and the benevolent note left in them,
but the wind tears off my calendar pages
and the deep waters carry away the white days.
But there is nothing more that can be done for me,
so all his lives away to the Great Sea are disturbed.
The sun doesn't say goodbye forever in the evenings,
and my heart calls for a new appointment.
Thinking of you makes me feel great,
a ball of thought winds up in gentle play,
there is a feeling that souls have wings,
and there is nothing stopping it all


Heartbeat, echoes,
step flicks and whispers…
And I cooled you down
only in words we know.
Read my handwriting slowly,
because I will still be
heartbeats, echoes, footsteps and whispers,
and i won't ask much -
only a tenth of a lifetime,
your heartbeat
step flick and whisper
I will bring you joy
green mint leaf
i will bring autumn day
exactly what you want.
I will bring it to you
the first strawberries and the sun,
I will bring a warm wind,
let you never have a cold.
I will bring your heart
ash wood cradle
I will bring, I will not ask,
just pray - don't leave!
Don't leave and don't hide
on a green mint leaf -
I give you my heart
ash wood cradle.
The main thing is not to waste life,
the main thing is - not to love empty,
do not cut where it will soon break as well,
do not cut where it also hurts a lot.
Then better in the blue star gardens
to say a word silently to a star
when it always reflects in sad moments,
when it trails over the light.
And let all probabilities remain -
don't cut where it hurts too much!
Both again in the spring
lindens are promising.
Will call, but you have to guess for yourself,
you have to feel how real everything is around.
The main thing is not to waste life,
the main thing - empty do not love.



Tearing of paper strips
the sun goes down my kiss -
sown in a small letter
was the delusion of my heart.

Why did you save it from the wind,
warming up at your breast?
It's better to go out on the island,
it is painful to be thrown out.

I put my face in my hands,
so that the tears do not spill,
let the walls rise around me -
misfire will grow in the fortress.

But the pain gradually subsides.
Isn't madness a fortress to have?
I'll get up again,
and the walls begin to crack and hard.

The false fire is on again,
and in a small letter asking
to find the softness of their soul,
let him find your gentle kiss.


In the cafe

See you in a long-forgotten cafe,
where in the twilight, in the setting sun,
dust the waltz and tweezers cut.
Where in a vase on the table, glows faded,
a lonely wild rose sadly heads,
but a carefree emptiness in the table.

The airy perfume vibrates there
like the secrets smelled of yesterday.
A sip of sweet coffee
makes you forget about the cash rush.

Wrapped in transparent crinoline,
there's a fantasy with the truth
passionate about playing Monopoly,
and everything seems so deceptive and real -
the joy of meeting and the grace of the moment,
the hope of the word and the closeness of error,
spark of passion and confusion of feelings,
the brittleness of the day and the lightness of the moment.

Warm light

Warm light is raining from your window.
Is it a honeycomb?
Or maybe the heart of a night light?

Surrounded by silence so strange san -
as if the bees are still in bloom,
as if the evening wind would dry up in lime.
I hear grasshoppers start making music ...
But maybe they are summer looms,
who covers the honeycomb sheet?

Warm light is raining from your window.
Is it from linden?
Is it the heart of a night light?


Yet those words fly free,
Who can't tell
Still those feelings are so alive!
So I launched in the wind ...
So that the smell of ivy is bitter,
They lightly touch your cheek.
I give it for free,
I will not call back!
Love wanders around the world
And looking for a home,
Where to wait
And where, looking into each other's eyes,
Two hearts are talking.
Love wanders around the world
And waiting
When the door opens for it
And will let you in,
When winter on the island will allow you to relax
Kindled in front of the fireplace.
Hold the door
Always wide open,
Because you can't already know
When love comes through them -
Summer heat or winter island!
Such beaten clouds in the air
Today it climbs into the sky,
That's probably why it's so hard
Through them the stars see ...
Would it be the fault of the clouds,

If they climb bitterly?
Maybe because I'm not being asked
And that everything happens differently ...
But maybe because of itself
I wanted to be very smart,
Now those crooked carts
Between cloud compartments disappears ...
Something so important
Is missing or missed
Something quite unique
From eternity or longing for my ...
Where have I lost it?
Well there is no explanation.
So the heart quietly lonely
Someone ruthlessly grows, grows ...
And I don't know if the search is worth it,
Or pretend to hold hands.
Can it be? All lost
What I once learned to protect ...



My land, blessings to you late,
And to heaven I ask and ask;
Awaken Latvia for a new life
With a clear sunrise race.

Latvia is mine, I came into the world,
In your days of pain.
In captivity, you can survive
Only in the walls of the soul of the people.

My homeland, your life is mine,
What their fate has decided:
Faith, hope, love,
Beloved, which God hath taken.

Motherland, you confess my,
My cowardice and heroism,
My black and white days,
Fate to serve you.

Your lost sons are my brothers.
Will the mother's pain heal,
When salty tears kiss
I in your daughter's eyes?

In the stream I fire which,
Smoke smokes through the stone.
The curse to vanish over Latvia
Let the power of darkness crumble.

My land, good luck to you,
On holidays and off-hours in salt.
Life is mine, without you I would be
Alone shakes the world's sea.

Fatherland mine, be happy!
You know: you're worth it!
Forgive me if you're ever ill
Forgive and remain holy!

Luckily for my homeland,
Our Father in heaven, bless and protect!
Take me as collateral, but please and ask:
God bless Latvia, bless it!