Tirza Primary School 7th grade

Heavenly edge

The edge of the red sky on the roof
Like a rose in a rose garden,
On the edge of the sky a small snail's
Like a tiny ant.


Raging dog - as radish radish,
Radish radish - because the apple sour,
Sour apple - like a sharp thistle.

What everyone does

The tit draws a drawing
The stone floats in the well,
Pumpkin pledges a lizard,
Irbe deletes the entry,
The wall binds itself.

Galgauskas Primary School 8th grade

I hear
Desperate birds
They shout
Feel, dare

They know how much
Footsteps in the grass
And yet they believe

I won't cry anymore
No more
Coloring your life
Brighter colors

Don't be afraid to spread your wings
Fly high and far
To be between heaven and earth
Capture the sun with your breasts full

The gaps in the soul pulled by the wind
The music will heat up
Entrances Ö Entrances Õ

What a man without breath
A soul without a song
Life without flame
Music without a heart

Galgauskas Primary School 9th grade

Rainbow -
a gift of joy
which causes butterfly dancing
take a look

I am dust among the dust
naive - winged with hope
without consolation
no one cares
my dream fragments

The world of flying
the size of the ocean
The voice of the heart opens
butterfly dance in ease
The sky is reaching
the higher the higher
closer to balance
that unites us.

Good morning
wind touches
which warms us with a warm breath
sunlight roads
which awakens the dawn
migratory birds
which is going away loudly called
a stranger to you too
good morning
you want it every morning

Galgauskas Primary School, 9th grade

I let the flowers in the wind,
which says so much -
they were taken by a silk butterfly.

I run in the wind
last smell
which made me remember the story of my heart.

I wanted to get it all back, but -
the wings of a butterfly bloomed in the sky,
fading in dusty stars.

I dropped a small drop of milk
along the edge of the mug.
I had a drop of tears
over the cheek.
They merged together
and made an angel of the wings,
who was on the last one
which was left on the table.
On my conscience…

It allowed me to walk the path of the meadow.
All the curves allowed me to be straight.
The wings of the wind turned against my childhood
and showed the road sign

Blank leaves were cut by the wind,
which weaves the scent of daisies in my story.
Only you can get away
from fear of the touch of the wind,
because the last page slips through its fingers…

I want to meet you in the spring
When the first snowdrop flowers explode,
When the whistle starts the first fly at the window.
I just want to meet… just a miraculous smile,
What will warm the heart.

But the soul of the crystal flies safely.
Without the words,
No tears,
Without a voice.


Silhouette month comes with a new school year,
The air is broken by long stretched chest, chest,
In an instant, the sounds become polyphonic,
And it seems to me
That clear autumn air
A thousand bursts of loud fragments.
I know - cranes!
Yes, it seems to be in the near field
Hundreds of cranes land,
To have breakfast
And prepare for the long journey.
The light gray birds stand out
And watch the surroundings!
We have to fly
And a large herd of cranes
Rises to the sky
And flies away.



With one kiss,
You closed my eyes,
They don't see themselves or you,
It was like that with one kiss.

With a second kiss,
I see what else will happen,
Who is waiting for me who is waiting for you
This sunny morning,
It's so with one kiss.

You come into my life
Without permission, without warning.
Who will be able to expel you?

My inner world and my outer world -
They are so different from each other


Without you

Without you, my beloved,
and heat your
i am a trifle
like an ant that can be squeezed.

When I meet you, the heat flows
and the feelings begin to vibrate.
I want to love you
to make the heart brighter.

I give you my heart.
Cover the caress and heat it.
It's frozen in icicles,
looking for you.

I feel you

I feel you i hear you
i love you i want you

Where to look for you?

I take a step
and miracles happen -
you stand before me
and I kneel out of happiness.

You catch me
and I am your embrace.

A look

What you see is not at all.
Why do you cry if it hurts me?

You smile when you smile at you.
The hand is given when I give.

Look around - where am I standing?
Find me in this world.


Autumn scene

every little one echoes,
dig the dry corners under the trees,
where there is no rain and sun,
overhangs the jingling window sill
and shall enter into thine heart.

I knocked.

In the evening of May

When the voice of the earth goes down in the dark,
And dreams go home,
The night with the wings of the fog,
And fall asleep in the thoughts of the people,

I locked the door across
Through effective shelves,
Let you be quiet, shut up
Under the name of chestnut candles.

The morning will dawn as a duty
With everyday over hearts,
And on the train of our lives
Time the door slams tightly,

But the one who has grown salty in pain
And later filled with the sun,
Able to protect yourself in the rain
And love to warm up.

It's worth living when an owl screams
As always - at sunset,
And a butterfly dances in the heart
Long accumulated ice instead,

I will listen to the darkness sound
From the lily of the valley ball
And I'll call you tonight
Under the chestnut sun.

At dusk

Where silence walks like a cat,
and freesy air,
i will go to see you someday
and leave no more.

Traces of blue bells
every meadow we walk in,
and will breathe joy in the stellar Vedas
over bluish strawberries.

More sweet lindens are swallowed by bees,
the morning lights up,
and the dream falls through the drops,
unobtrusive night sun.

And again there are footsteps in the streets,
the hurry of the city warms up,
between the cobblestones and the pebbles of the embankment
the meeting time is falling.

When the evening strokes,
and peace will come to rest,
I'm going to tell you again
how easy it is to fall in love.

For hockey legend Kārlis Skrastiņš

So cool winds give this morning for autumn,
Somewhere the sun is hiding for another touch,
And I bade you farewell and grieved,
May the saltiness be a thing of the past, but the heart be spiritual.

Only cloudy white pigeons are hovering over the ground,
And there is an infinite reward for life once today,
A space that can be touched with wings and loved by peace,
Neither tie nor glue the once torn string.

I say goodbye again today with a quiet thank you in the palm of your hand
The fact that time did not play cold on the ice rink
About the fact that hockey lived, feeling the game through you,
It never seemed difficult to play, because it never happened.

So cool winds bring bitter drops to your smiles today,
And a little aching, a little cry between the light farewell pain,
And yet we accompany you on the most beautiful journey,
Where it doesn't rain, it doesn't snow, it doesn't freeze, where the sun protects dreams.


A poem of the night

At night, when everyone goes to sleep,
I teach birds to fly,
Who's just running.
I called
snakes out of your cave never
Creatures that wade through the swamps.
And when the full moon decorates the sky,
They run.
At night, when everyone goes to sleep,
I open a window
To the cold north wind
Grab my hand.

At night, when everyone goes to sleep,
I smoke a cigarette
Just like you -
As often or as infrequently.

At night, when everyone goes to sleep,
I get up.

Like a curtain of loose leaves
Our short summer is covered.
For others, the sun shines in their eyes,

Not everyone sees autumn.
Of wilting flowers
And from the leaves that fall,
We grow up in the fall,
Summer is dying.

Although many do not like autumn,
The stars shine in my eyes at night.
This curtain is beautiful,
Let's not fall!

Some birds tweet,
Others are leaving;
Some go
Some arise.

I look at them, the evening is long,
I feel obsessed with the Moon
Maybe a rabbit, maybe a wolf.

But autumn is and will inevitably
Until the winter snow will lose strength.

She had a crazy starlight in her eyes
She had strawberry lips
She had our silent trips
She had time
In her brown hair, there was a
Piece of lime

I want to see your eyes at last
I will watch, I'll do my best

She had fingers, she had nose
The only rose in the garden
The only rose in the garden
The only one

Good night ...

Good night my day
I'm not goanna stay
Good night my day
And I can tell you
That i'll sleep well

Good night my day


My Autumn loves spring wandering.
He runs around the world in a green windbreaker
And at night, the stars are closed with their eyes closed.

My Autumn loves to dance in the summer.
In the scorching sun, barefoot walks along the waves
And in the rain wet seams over puddles in the paddle.

Autumn loves to travel in the winter.
Conquer strangers with half-empty bags
And all women 's hearts are stolen.

But in the fall ... In the fall, he loves to poet.

My heart hurts - sharpness laughs.
You go to the street on the left
Pour the wine into glasses.
It nailed the holes
And now you can go further.
How long will they last?
You will not be able to run indefinitely.
But doesn't it matter?
You're running now, smile,
And there is a voice with you, a glad joy.
If you damn it again
And it will no longer help the wine poured into the glasses,
Then - grab my patch base!

Wake me up,
when the summer ends.
When the dandelion fluff is already airy
And the cranes will fly home.
Wake me up,
when the meadows are no longer green,
When the trees are decorated with variegated leaves.
Wake up when the streets are full of puddles
And in the garden harvest cover.
Wake me up,
when the summer ends.
When autumn comes, wake up.
Nothing if it's too late ...