Ešots Vilis (1907 - 1979), writer, journalist

Writer, publicist and teacher Eschot Willis was born on May 9, 1907 in "Silmači", Druviena Parish.

Studied in Druviena, Riga, Bulduri.

He has worked as a civil servant and teacher in the orphanages of the city of Riga.

The first work - the drama "Imanta" (1928), later dramatized J. Ezeriņš's "Joču pirti", J. Poruka's "Battle at Knipska". His libretto about Poruk's life "Prince of the Land of Tears" was started by Jēkabs Poruks. In the 1930s he published stories and articles in the Latvian press. 1940 In the first half, he submitted a collection of stories in the "Garden of Gods" to the publishing house, the manuscript of which was later destroyed in the printing house.

1944 went into exile in Germany, worked as a teacher in Latvian orphanages. 1950 emigrated to Australia. The Midsummer Night's Sayings "Golden Mist" (1949), the novel "Legionnaires" (1952), the collection of short stories "Star Sags" (1953) were published in exile. He also wrote felons, which were signed under the nickname Dr. Boomerang.

From 1954 official publisher of the magazine "Viesis" (the magazine informed about cultural life).

Died May 23, 1979, in Adelaide, Australia.

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