Straume - Vičs Artūrs (1907-?), Writer, publicist

Born in 1907 in Jukāni, Kraukļi parish.

Organized the "Young Writers Group", uniting young writers (1927).

At the beginning of 1928, he took over the management of the young writers' magazine "Sidraba zvani", but the publication of the magazine stopped. After that, he worked as an editor of the provincial newspaper "New Madonna's Messenger". Moves to Aluksne and takes over the management of the newspapers "Malienas žinios" and "Gulbene balss". Created a larger provincial newspaper center, merging and managing five provincial newspapers: "Maliena News", "Gulbene Voice", "Valka Voice", "Smiltene News", "Rūjiena News".

He has written poetry, stories and novels. Published in the above mentioned newspapers.