Riemeļu Jānis (1856 - 1924), poet, translator, journalist

Born in 1856, in Staprāni, Lizuma parish, in the family of the owner

Studied at a local parish school, Cēsis district school, also studied through self-study.
In 1878 he moved to Riga. From 1882 until the end of his life he worked for the newspaper Baltijas Vēstnesis (later Dzimtenes Vēstnesis, then Latvijas Vēstnesis).

The first poem "Bēduļi" was published in the newspaper "Baltijas Vēstnesis" (1875). A collection of poems "Poetry" (1890) was published. He paid special attention to H. Heine's work, translated the collection "Poetry".
During the First World War he went to Russia as a refugee.
He has translated HKAndersen's fairy tales "Picture Book without Pictures" (1889), as well as several novels by English and Polish authors.

Died in 1924, in Riga, buried in Meža cemetery.
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