Ošs Jānis (1890 - 1937), writer, journalist

Born in 1890 in "Āriņi", Galgauskas parish.

In Riga he acquired the rights of a teacher, later a home teacher and a gymnastics teacher (1907).

He worked as a teacher at Jaungulbene Hill School (1908-1909), Torņakalns Latvian Relief Society School (1909-1914), Arensburg (now Kuressaare Saaremaa) Men's Gymnasium (1914-1915), Riga Primary School No. 17 (1923-1936). He has been a lecturer in physical education at the Latvian People's University for several years.

He graduated from the Vilnius Military School (1916) and was an officer in the 2nd Latvian Rifle Regiment in Riga. He joined the Latvian Army (1924), was a member of the editorial board and editor of the newspaper "Latvijas Kareivis" (1924-1931).

He has written a novel "Golden Fever" (1931), historical novels about the time of the Duke of Courland Jacob "Juris Mežmalis in the service of the king", "Return of Juris Mežmalis" (both 1935), "My mascot" (1929), contemplation "Modern Poland" (1929, together with Mr Birger).

He has published reviews of Latvian literature and theater productions in the 1930s. He has compiled and published "Latvian Folk Dances" (together with J. Rink) with 33 dance descriptions, pictures and music, as well as some foreign dance books.

Died in 1937.

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