Apinis Roberts (1892 - 1938), writer, journalist

Born in 1892 in Meža Dravnieki, Jaungulbene (now Līgo) parish, in the family of a tenant.

He has lived in Riga since 1903. Studied at the general four-grade city school. Graduated from Moscow University, Department of Economics, Soviet Faculty of Law (1927).

Member of the Latvian Social Democrats since 1912. In 1915 he was drafted into the army. Politician of various levels in Latvian rifle regiments until their disbandment at the end of 1920 and at the Red Army headquarters in Moscow (1921-1935). Together with K. Jokums he wrote the play "Adventure" (1935). Member of the editorial board and co-author of the collection of articles "Latvian Revolutionary Rifleman".

In 1935, he moved to Magadan, where he was the editor-in-chief of the Kolima magazine and the Soviet Kolima newspaper.
Repressed in 1937, rehabilitated after death.

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